So THAT'S how Mihawk joins Shanks....
He becomes Buggy's subordinate.
Buggy "allies himself" with Shanks for some gag when Luffy fights Shanks.
Then it makes Mihawk part of that alliance.
Luffy vs Shanks.
Zoro vs Mihawk.
Sanji vs Beckmann.

the unholy trinity of the most toxic fandom war this forum will ever witness.
Where the shanks vs mihawk and M3 war will fuse with each other.
Each one packed with their shitty headcanons that don't matter because the chaos will be glorious.

I can already see the promised hell.....
It's beautiful...
I wouldn’t say kizaru or fujitora sweat, it’s a similar situation as when shanks arrived at marine ford and the admirals are like “nope, I’m not gonna go there”. They back down because they don’t want to escalate to a full on war now that shanks crew is basically free to fight full force now that the civilians and uta are free. I guess momonga is the most affected one, but he like just kneels a little bit. Koby has a big role, I think he’s pretty cool in this movie, and that’s coming from someone that doesn’t like the character at all lol No new attacks from anyone. Remember this is a stand alone movie, all new attacks or character interactions are saved for the main story!
What happened to Momonga being oneshotted by Shanks' CoC:kaidowhat: