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I'm a Fella of Fate
maybe we don't see Carrot at all in the chapter
...which woud be sus since oda didn't show her answer to the ruler thing
At the very least from what I've seen from Ol' Un-armed the idea of Carrot joining is still open ended
Since he talked about making C4N a mod if Carrot joined

So it shouldn't be anything hard debunking this chapter, but more than likely more teasing and stalling from Oda
So now that Yamato (she doesn't join), Tama (already rejected by Luffy), Momo (he has become Shogun) and Kinemon (stays with Tsuru) have been ruled out as nakama, only Carrot and Chimney remain as real candidates.

If Carrot doesn't appear in 1057, it's done then. She sneaked in the Sunny.
Or her goodbye was offscreened in 1056 like the rest of the scabbards. But yes, if 1058 doesn't show her at all as a stowaway, then that's also over too.