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Go for a career that's profitable, and that you can handle doing and compliments the personal life you want to live, or go all in on what you're really passionate about.

Either maximize profits in a field you can work well in, and focus on doing as little work as possible while making as much money possible, or put everything into something you truly love.

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Well, if my English was good, I could easily become a doctor
But instead, I was able to get an acceptable grade to become a nurse...It is difficult for me to talk to patients and treat them..This responsibility of saving their lives is difficult for me..I don't want people to die in front of my eyes
For this reason, it has become difficult for me to decide whether to become a nurse or study radiology:ronalugh:
Chapter 1057: Farewells

Thanks to Malik from TalkOP
- in the cover story, Germa66 has defeated Oven, Katakuri has defeated Yonji, and they are in a stalemate
- Kidd leaves Wano
- Law and the Strawhats say goodbye. Luffy again confuses alliance and friendship. Law smirks and says that from now on they are rivals.
- Law leaves. Strawhats board the Sunny and set sail as well.
- Momo in dragon form brings Kin to the beach. There is a farewell scene.
- Luffy tells Momo to stop being a coward as he saved the country of Wano.
- There is the typical Franky’s gag, where he cries but says he’s not crying.
- After the good bye, Yamato appears behind Kin and Momo at the beach (they thought she left) and says that the first thing she wants to do before adventuring in the sea is to visit Ace’s grave.
- Cut to the Strawhats again. They reach Wano’s waterfalls and see huge clouds at the horizon.
- In the last pages there are the narrator boxes: the country will play a huge role in an future event.
- A final double page shows an overhead shot of (presumably) Pluton under Wano.
- The narrator says that, as for now, Wano Kuni has to celebrate its conquered freedom. Chapter ends with a close-up of Hiyori playing the shamishen.
- End of Act 3 // End of Wano
@Lance_Dragonite @ScotchInformer @EtenBoby @DruMzTV can you confirm, please?