Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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Kakashi emphasizes his exhaustion by how many Raikiri he uses and his sharingan usage. If he relied on Kamui he said he’d be bedridden—idk how you conflate this to Kakashi not being exhausted at this point in time.

Gai attacks —> Madara puts up shield from nothing in the next full panel we see. That means it’s incredibly fast and near instant, terminology is redundant if you’re picking that apart. It means Madara can do it so quickly he should be able to create more of these to counter Gai.

he. Does. Not.

Gai outspends Madara and hits him, simple as that.

lol @ Madara reacting to Night Gai. He has his staff raised before Gai moves and is shocked to see space distorting around his staff as Gai gets close.

I never said he’s not exhausted, but not exhausted enough to disregard his reaction and battle reflexes completely?

Madara can make the shield fast, Gai can attack fast, these are all well established, but what you failed to see is the effect of Gai’s first punch is what made Gai able to land the 2nd one, Madara got crossed up, this isn’t a pure speed vs reaction feat. There’s a difference between getting blitzed, and getting crossed up, Madara gets crossed up here.

Madara holding the staff before Gai is close to him, place it in the path of attack, isn’t that even more of an indication of Madara reacts to Gai’s movement? Even more obvious, that Madara is observing Gai bending space, obviously he tracks Gai no problem here.