Of course he did wsw is a tobi roppo so queen was above him.
Wsw had to obey him for now...
the only one that the F6 could take on was jack and that's that.. WW isn't taking direct from Marco and dusting em off... or combine sulong attacks....

if he's still up and gives JINBE and extreme diff by any stretch of reality... then still doubt he could take queen on since by portrayal and feats wise Queen tops jimbe
He didnt call x drake to take on queen he called x drake because it was a trap.
Read the manga.
Yes indeed, but he acted like it was completely necessary to bring someone else to take down Queen cuz Queen was too much for him alone, and Drake acknowledged that. Considering what he said about Queen earlier, thats 100% accurate
I am sorry, I dont watch anime so didnt know these scenes were this apparent :pepeanger:

But I have seen worse, like in Dr. Stone, damn those female designs look weird, even if they wear a dress the b***b are always noticeable, same with Black Clover (the last chapter where Noelle was falling down and her ass was the central focus).
"I dont watch anime"
Proceed to talk about the ones he watch :nicagesmile: