Blother D. Yo Mama

Drilly pop up in the spot like
It is so obvious they are gna save Peros from Neko
Oh shiit y'all got a point.

BMP save Perospero from Neko.
Jack defeats Inu.

BMP vs Sulong Neko, Carrot, Wanda and wash the minks, so Strawhats fight them later and look good.
Jack defeating Sulong Inu is his first W. So Luffy can give him his final L.

:goyea: I'm rolling with this for now. Even if its kinda wonky


I think this chapter not happens too much that's why Lance_Dragonite doesn't drop the hint

14 page yamato vs kaido
Last 2-3 page kaido reaction to luffy momo:noo:
1st Scenario (2 pages) ---> Luffy starts to fly up with Momo who still fears heights
2nd Scenario (2 pages) ---> Kidd and Law arguing, Trafalgar realizes there's Hawkins behind this
3rd Scenario (2-3 pages) ---> Live Foor, King goes hybrid since Zoro is pushing him back, more fighting of Sanji vs Queen
4th Scenario (3-4 pages) ---> Killer vs Hawkins, after a skirmish Killer realizes how to get around it and cuts Hawkins left arm
5th Scenario (1 page) ---> Kidd left arm falls and he's still confused, Law is relieved by it and tells Kidd that he has nothing to worry for now
6th Scenario (2 pages) ---> Luffy is approaching Kaido on the roof, Yamato is exhausted and Kaido sees dragon Momo for the first time
7h Scenario (1 spread page) ---> Luffy and Kidd attack Kaido and Linlin at the same time
It is so obvious they are gna save Peros from Neko
I really hope so. Like I can fully believe Oda waited an unreasonable amount of time to unleash them on Onigashima for this moment. I.e., the whole thing with Mont d'Or storing the entire ship in one of his books and Peros unleashing it. The question would be why they'd wait this long.

Only other explanation I can see is they took the Hakumai entrance and will just join the end of the battles in the Capital, but Peros loses to Neko in the process.