I didn't link any image :milaugh:

Just pointed out that Oda uses the 1 cm height difference for Shanks and Mihawk, but not for Shanks and Buggy.

I've found it being used so far for :

Shanks - Mihawk

King - Queen

Zoro - Sanji

Ichiji - Niji

Pedro - Pekoms
I think I replied to the wrong post, there was a link to a twitter page but it didn't show anything to me. :few:

Thanks for the clarification anyway. :cheers:


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Nah its facts look it up.

Shanks is 1 cm taller than Mihawk the way Zoro is 1 cm taller than Sanji and King is 1 cm taller than Queen.

He doesn't do that with Buggy, since he's just a joke.
how tall characters are has nothing to do with rivalry