Powers & Abilities Bartolomeo is invincible ?

His barriers are limited in numbers and size and have their limits as shown when he said they wouldn't be enough against Golem Pica's fist. His barriers can also be pushed back as shown with the birdcage, are not soundproof (which means that a sonic attack would most likelu work on him) and would not protect him from things such as Fujitora's gravity, attack from below his feets if he didn't cover the ground with his barriers, from being blinded by a too strong light, if the ground is shaked, potentially from df powers that ignore tangibility such as Law's Room or Perona's ghosts and possibly from heat.
After the latest chapter, it is safe to say that Bartolomeo cannot get hurt... Oden sure isn't the strongest in the verse but he is no pushover, still couldn't do anything against the barrier.
''King Punch'' is supposed to ''hurt'' a Yonko and did shit to the barrier...
Do you think it is actually invulnerable ?
The Barrier Power, like Sugar power, like Foxy Slowing Power is absolute.

Kaidou could Hit it with all his might on him and the Barrier wouldn't take damage.

But. Until now. We didn't saw a "perfect Bubble" of Barrier so still, whatever is not covered by the barrier can be Broken.

This chapter. If the plot didn't steal Oden brain , he could have :

---> Broken the floor ( Orochi was solely protected by half a Bubble )
---> Put the castle on fire ( Orochi still needs oxygen and the oxygen inside the barrier is finite

---> Poisoned Orochi food or something else like it.


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I feel like nothing is truly unbreakable in One Piece. Not even materials.

Still I think even a yonko level character wouldn't be able to break the Barrier easily with simply raw strenght.
I wouldn't be so quick to say he is invisible for two reasons.

1 - Oden attacked the barrier once and that was it. He didn't even try to break it with haki.

2 - we don't know how strong and skilled the old man with the DF compared to Bart

I'm sure it works in a similar way to Law's power. If the DF user us more skilled/powerful then barrier won't break. If the haki user is more skilled/powerful it breaks.


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When he is inside a bubble it pretty much is invincible imo. The barrier itself cannot be destroyed.
You could find ways to defeat the user I guess, if he isnt inside bubble-shaped barrier.
It is broken ability used for plot conveniences...
He’s only invincible if you run straight at him like a retard, which is what Oden did. Blitz him, bury the bubble in mochi, ice or lava and watch as it becomes a suffocation chamber. If you’re a normie like Garp or Zoro, wait or starve him out, he has to hold himself in the barrier position while you are free to rest and move freely. If he’s fighting with allies, force him to choose between using his barrier on himself or on them, if he chooses the former, decimate his allies and wait until his strength gives out. The barrier is certainly annoying but requires only a bit of creative thinking to get around.
Awakening users can probably fuck him up real bad...

Either that, or corner him and allow him no means of escape... he'll be forced to put up his barrier, and when he does, just wait.. sit there, make a cuppa tea, relax, watch some television.. he'll eventually just fall asleep in the end and release the barrier... that, or he'll just end up with some weird existential crisis or something and just allow you to kill him.