Character Discussion Be Brutally Honest Who do you like More as a Character Sanji or Nico Robin

Who do you like more?

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Uncle Van

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Robin. Oda trying to push Sanji as the kindest SH outta nowhere when he told Jinbe, his captains savior to kill himself and didn't want to help captive children was an unnecessary contradiction. That and Oda's habit of placing Sanji's habit of choosing on his own moral code over the safety and well being of his crewmembers in a good light.


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Sanjino is the worst mugi
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Don’t make a poll involving Sanji on WorstGen or any OP site. Everyone knows Sanji is better and Robin has no character.

Especially every Zoro fanboy and virgin obsessed with their waifu is just going to vote out of spite or bias.
sanjino is a good character like captain mid
both were really good. I fact preskip all strawhats are so good you couldn't choose a favorite nowadays though there's no point in watching either.

they're about equal I guess. I would give edge to brown Robin but not this 2022 whie woman they planted.
Since when did panel timer equal being a better character? Just because a character gets focus doesn’t mean the focus is good. Franky Overall has gotten more Focus than Jimbei but that doesn’t make him a better character than Jimbei. The few focus we’ve gotten from Jimbei are more quality than Franky and Brook combined tbh.
Lol Franky is a GOAT character ever since W7. Even if he barely does much now he’s done far more than Robin.

Also I love how you are pretending Jimbei has only got little focus lmfao. Impel Down, Marineford, Post-Marineford, Fishman Island, Whole Cake Island, Wano.

Frankly your example was extremely flawed seeing as Jimbei has more focus than Franky clearly.