General & Others Be Honest….Which Strawhats will get a Fight this Arc?

Who will get a Fight?

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EggHead Island is off to a interesting start, Which Strawhats do you think will get a fight? When the arc ends we’ll come back to this thread and compare the results to what we actually got and see who was the most accurate.

I predict peopel will be back here around April of 2023.

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Luffy Zoro Nami and Franky

Maybe Sanji if the Kuma Seraphim actually fights

Luffy vs Lucci rematch

Zoro vs Kaku rematch

Nami to complete the trio

Franky to test his own skill vs Vegapunk's (or one of the 6)
Luffy, Zoro and Nami vs Lucci, Kaku and Stussy. Then Bonney, Chopper and Jinbei might tag team Sera Kuma Idk. Other Strawhats might get some clashes here and there but it won't be anything too major.
Zoro will infuse usop with CoC and beat up cp0 with him. Then joyboyuffy will turn usop into rubber und tie up cp0. They'll throw them altogether into the sea and we will watch 15 panels straight how the bubbles get less and less until it's finally silent :steef: