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I think Zodd will switch sides eventually
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Zodd is heavily implied (he might have been outright stated) to be the strongest Apostle serving Griffith. The only Apostle that was definitely stronger than him was Ganishka (who was also the only one to defy the Godhand)

Zodd has a rivalry with Skull Knight, and was able to hold off SK long enough to prevent him from interrupting the Eclipse right when it started, with SK simply just slipping past him instead of outright beating him
I don't know,man.I think that Dragon guy could give Zod a run for his money.We will see how things go,but we will tottally see the berserker armor putting in the work on Zod,it will catch him off guard.
Quite pleased overall as far as initial stages go. Some gorgeous Griffith panels, which is obviously the highlight for me. It’s to be expected they’d play it safe, focusing on action at those early stages. It’s not easy to takeover sth as intricate psychology-wise, so it’s understandable. Dialogue is/will be the biggest challenge because it requires in-depth perception and intimate author knowledge.. Still, I trust Mori and co to do the best they can to get Miura’s ideas across. He was the inspiration for Griffith after all and I’m sure they’ve discussed it a lot. I think it’s in good hands.
Petition for Guts to outwit The Idea of Evil Challenging The Idea's perspective "be as you will", and instead pointing out its mistakes of choosing Griffith as God Hand, manipulating it into giving him superior powers instead.

Guts proceeds to challenge each God Hands, inside a gigantic dimensional maze, and consume their powers inside him one by one. Only Griffith remains.

Guts becomes God Hand, but then going berserk due to consuming power of God Hands. Fairy King and Witch King (Flora's master, appear later) will concoct the ultimate spell to open the dimensional path, revealing The Idea of Good.

Idea of Good will purify Guts' soul, enabling him to control Evil Powers even when his heart accepts the concept of good instead.

The final battle is Guts vs Griffith, won by Guts. Guts consumes Femto's powers, purifying Griffith. Guts proceeds to channel the hybrid powers of Good and Evil, and permanently sever the String of Power from Idea of Evil to the realm/planet. In effect, The Idea of Evil can't bestow its powers anymore to any creature. Although it can still plant the ideas of evil.

And this burden of power is too heavy for Guts' life to handle. Guts dies, leaving Griffith alive alone to atone for his mistakes.
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I feel honestly optimistic, as this is as good as it could ever be with a continuation. But some Berserk fans are just skeptical and won’t be satisfied no matter what. It’s a valid opinion, but just from two chapters alone of mostly action and escalation, it’s too premature, and even then…it’s wildly close to Miura’s touch, or as close as it ever could be.

Like if you wanna be a Miura purest I get you, no one can match him, impossible. But it annoys me how so many pretentious weebs are discrediting his apprentices’ efforts. Like that’s what Miura was probably training them for in the first place. This is the closest it will ever be to see (some) specifics of Miura’s major end plots used in real time.