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Light D Lamperouge

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In this round in this thread we will have 8 characters, which means 4 fights.


Canute from Vinland Saga
Canute as far as a side character goes, has by far the best growth I've witnessed in any given series. First, let's just a moment to appreciate his character design and evolution.

My man went from "may I please spend some time with your daughter" to "your wife calls me Daddy too"

Introduced in the brutal unforgiving world of Vinland Saga, Canute came of as a very docile and soft spoken man. A quiet, subservient and feminine man who was often the butt of crude humor, the second son of the King of Denmark seemed to be cannon fodder and a means to an end.

However, what was supposed to be a pawn in the grand scheme of things quickly transformed into a powerhouse who formed an unlikely comradeship with his captors, survived the strongest of battalions chasing him, and grew into a person dominant enough to usurp his father and lead his country to far greater heights.

Somewhat of a "foil" to the main character Thorfinn, Canute was a man who initially hated fighting and violence, but came to understand his position as royalty and understood War was a necessity on his path to building a utopia in Denmark. He awakened massively to his responsibility through the death of his father figure/ bodyguard, understanding the meaning of what makes all men equal, and what value life truly holds.


Dio from JoJos Bizarre Adventure
Dio Developed as a villain greater than any other character in Jojos and other character in fiction.

Dios character development starts from his introduction. The characters initial introduction was of a human who wanted to show up Johnathan Joestar despite his poor upbringing. However, as Dio aged his drive and his goal grew with him. Although Dio was once brash and had a bad habit of losing his temper, he quickly grew out of this by the time he was an adult and learned that the best way to get what he wants is to bide his time and be patient.

That's how he became one of the most powerful beings on the planet. However, once Johnathan stopped him once, this didn't stop him. Rather he grew from his defeat once again leading to part three of Jojos. Dio took over Johnathan's body and learned fear and grew even more careful. This fear did not hold him back; however, we see that it helped him grow. His plan changed and he became a much more charismatic leader. Where initially Dio Brando welcomed johnathans attempt to stop him, DIO attempted to stop the Joestars from ever reaching him. However, the kicker of Dios growth isn't that he learned to fear Jotaro Kujo, or Joseph Joestar, or even Johnathan Joestars body. The fear that Dio learned was to fear Destiny itself. The destiny that the Joestars are destined to fight him and attempt to defeat him. This is the embodiment of Dios growth. He learned the limitations of humans, and even humans with stands as powerful as The World. And that Limitation is Destiny itself.

This growth and character are what caused Jojos part 3 to be one of the best of the series


Gambit from XMen
Remy Etienne LeBeau, better known as Gambit.

Seeing that hes been on the entire morality spectrum, Gambit definitely has the best character development of all time. End of story.

Young Remy through no fault of his own started off life on the wrong side of the tracks.
He was kidnapped at birth and raised as a membr of New Orleans Thieves Guild. Raised by thieves who called him "Le Diable Blanc", the white devil due to his red eyes, he was seen as the prophetic child who would end the feud the Thieves Guild had with the rival Assassins Guild.

His already rocky start, went even further south when he and his cousin were assigned the mission of stealing from the immortal Candra in a right of passage when Candra caught he and his cousin and during their escape his cousin Etienne drowned.

Gambit then took a job from Mr. Sinister in disguise to locate the Weopan X diaries, but upon finding them he burned them to keep them from Mr. Sinister, to the dismay of the guild. In an effort to reconcile, he was arranged to be wed with the grand daughter of the Head of the Assassins Guild Bella Donn Bourdreax

Unfortunately her brother who was upset at this challenged Gambit to duel and was killed, thus resulting in Gambit being banned from his home of New Orleans.

This is were Gambits lowest moment before he starts to change his morality meter. Gambit not being able to control his powers had a portion of his brain stem removed by Mr. Sinister. After a time travel mission he had it put back in by Mr. S and as payment became a mercenary. Gambit was the leader of a group of mercenaries that were ordered to slaughter the Morlocks, a group of mutants that were easy to identify as mutants that lived in the New York subway. This moment is were we see a man who has done almost every despicable act imaginable in a moment of righteousness, saves a child from the massacre.

He then encounters a Storm possessed by Shadowking and he saves her thus gaining entrance into the Xmen. Not all of his teammates trust him which is what leads to his scuffle with Wolverine that results in the infamous "Bang, you dead"
After being a great friend, teammate and mentor, Gambits dark secret about the massacre was discovered. This caused a rift with the rest of the X-men who then abandoned him in Antarctica. He survived and eventually ran into the X-men again and was taken back in.

Again what makes Gambits character development the best is that he started bad and on his way to righteousness he stumbled many times and was still able to pull himself back up and beyond. He was mistaken as the traitor of the xmen because with a past so checkered, why not? He was made a horsemen of death by Apocalypse in an attempt to infiltrate his army that backfired. Luckily he was able to retain his memories and eventually was able to return to normal but this is a character who has been an outcast, a villain, a pariah, a murder, a liar, a thief, a savior, a mentor, a leader, and a hero, there hasn't been a character he hasn't lived as and experienced.

Very easy for the other X-men to not trust him and through his personal growth he becomes apart of the family
and even an unlikely savior
Gambit Best Character Development Of All Time.


Noelle Silva from Black Clover
Noelle goes from being an Upper-Class Twit who thought her royalty status made her superior to others to a caring young woman who considers it her duty to protect the weak and helpless, even her older siblings. So much so that she comes to believe that royals should help others because they have the best magic in the kingdom.
She begins as an insecure young woman due to her inability to control her magic, which made her mocked by her older siblings all her life. She becomes a much happier and more confident person after joining the Black Bulls, which helps her control her magic.
Due to her bad magic control, Noelle starts off as somewhat cowardly, thinking of abandoning Asta and Magna to avoid being killed by Heath and his men, who are trying to massacre a village of peasants. A little girl's plead for Noelle to save them helps her gain the resolve to help her squadmates. And as she develops her magic she becomes much more courageous, to the point she staunchly refuses to give up fighting against Vanica despite their vast difference in power.

Noelleโ€™s trauma really held her back as we saw through out parts of black clover, and really a big part of her getting better as a character. That over coming that really struck home with me. Her being perseverance is really one of her strongest parts of her character honestly.

She has her own motives, and determination outside of just liking the MC. Noelle wanted acknowledgement and to get better as a mage in the progress, throughout Black Clover she was able to accomplish both while being a tsundere.






Meruem from HxH



Meruem is a rather complex character who throughout the course of Hunter x Hunter's chimera arc struggles between human and animal. Therefore he is highly unpredictable and considered the wild card amidst the several other wild cards.

To explain his relevance to the chimera ant plot, Meruem is the king of the first mutated generation. He plays an integral role in the war between hunter and chimera, one that seems to flunctuate quite a bit.

He is an incredibly skilled Nen user with abilities that are a bit unexplored, although he is thought to be the most powerful chimera ant and he has strength that surpasses even Netero's combat skills.

Meruem was born to lead the current generation of chimera ants and has his own squad of elite protectors, respectively Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi, listed in order of birth.




To judge Meruem solely on first impressions would be an enormous underestimation of his character depth, but since it is important in identifying development, his personality as of early on also matters.

Initially Meruem has the persona of an aggressive, blatantly arrogant individual, though he is conscious of his own inexperience in the ways of the world. Honestly, at first I like any reasonable person did not like him all that much.

I mean, his just about first action after birth is to brutally kill a lovable penguin-esque chimera, then proceed to eat him. Talk about behavior issues.

Meruem has relatively no concern for life, chimera or human. He literally leaves his mother bleeding out on the ground, wow this macho baby I can't even. He seems almost like a ridiculously hyberbolized statement on youth, being apathetic, hot-headed, and just generally giving zero shits.

There is a certain defining trait to his ignorance, in that Meruem at his utmost ugliest of his person is at the very beginning of his character arc. This makes perfect sense as he was created to be the king, to rule over all other life forms, so it seems almost natural for him to be so uncaring until he is developed by his changing environment and lifestyle.

Overall Meruem's debut is really goddamn aggravating and rather generic. One could say that Togashi used the template for every raging shounen antagonist ever and called it a day.

Except Togashi's better than that, folks, and this is only the debut...



Komugi's Effect

As we all know it was Meruem's relationship with Komugi that allowed him to progress. There are a few topics of interest to be discussed concerning what Komugi taught him as a person.


Meruem is one of the most powerful beings in the Hunter x Hunter universe. If he wanted, he could kill Komugi with a flick of his wrist. However, as he discovers, she possesses a different strength, one that surpasses his. She is a Nen specialist whose ability refers directly to the game of gungi, in which she is and will always be the victor. Her strength is one he will never defeat, no matter if he should kill her. Komugi represents the diversity of an individual's worth, something that Meruem would never have considered had he not met her.


Meruem once stated to Neferpitou that he respected her, as her stability was able to withstand one of his attacks. Although the respect he felt for his servant was less that and more acknowledgement of her strength, as Pitou was just that; a servant. Respect is fueled by a sense of equality in some shape or form, and is an ideal Meruem learnt from Komugi, since she was the first to rival his strength.


The concept of forsaking ones who are sick, weak, or dying is hardly unheard of to animalistic thought process and ritual; it was what motivated Meruem to ignore his dying mother and ruthlessly kill his penguin comrade that had disobeyed him. Ones who operate with this mindset generally have little to no care for others, like grossly hyperbolized animals.

Komugi is a delicate, fragile girl who in her screentime is injured twice - once by an aggressive bird and once fatally wounded by Zeno's attack on the palace. On both occasions Meruem acts radically out of character, exhibiting extreme, sincere concern for her.



Other Developments

Meruem is hardly the only character in Hunter x Hunter's masterful chimera arc to endure some kind of progression. There are characters whose developments directly or indirectly relate to Meruem's.


Gon Freecs; Switched Selves

Gon and Meruem begin as core opposites; Gon the amiable, carefree protagonist that is the driving force of HxH, and Meruem the typical violent antagonist with aspirations of conquering the world. Though, the brutality and mercilessness of war that the young boy experiences firsthand, darker than anything he has ever seen before, steadily transforms him into the unforgiving monster that kills Neferpitou in the flames of a vengeful rage.

Contrastively, the honor and nobility of Komugi awakens Meruem. He gradually ascends from his throne as king of primitive animals to an intellectual and open-minded way of thought. As Gon becomes an animal, Meruem is humanized.

Their mental changes can be encapsulated into their own respective reactions to Komugi's near-death experience. Being an innocent girl who was roped into the situation, there was no reason for her to die to the hunters. In fact, as defenders of the human race, it was natural for the hunters to have every desire to save her before she was victimized.

Meruem reacts to Komugi's injury with love and care. He carries her, gently, before demanding Neferpitou to heal her with more sincerity than he had ever shown before. Meanwhile Gon makes a dangerous agreement with the guard, telling Pitou that she had increasing less and less time to save the critically wounded Komugi, simply because of his selfish need to restore Kaito. Hopefully I don't need to interpret that one.



Neferpitou; Mirror Image

Neferpitou has always been alike her king - loyal to her purpose, excitable only when battling one of rivalling strength. Living only for Meruem, existing for that sole reason, his developments were reflected in her own actions.

Pitou has always had a crass and unsympathetic persona, much like the rest of the guard who find Meruem's affiliation with Komugi to be an unneeded distraction. Though, loyalty is a complex ideal, one that the others never truly understood.

There is allegiance to a concept, in this case the concept of king, and there is devotion to an individual, which was practiced only by Neferpitou after her revolutionary changes. When Meruem developed not as a king but as an individual with his own purpose beyond world dominance she began to view him and her loyalty not as vague regulations but as individual, personal entities.

This in turn broadened Pitou's mind and understanding and lead to her emotional response when Komugi is wounded. While Meruem contains himself and proceeds efficiently, Pitou completely decomposes and tears drip from her gaping eyes. The raw feeling that was so unlike anything she had felt as a bloodthirsty machine left her vulnerable against her king's sorrow and caused her visceral reaction.

The following sequence in which Pitou passionately defends Komugi from Gon is vehement and maternal in nature, her frame poised over the girl akin to a mother cat. Her determined desperation shows her in her most basic person, and like Meruem not a far cry away from the loose idea of human.



In Love and Death

Meruem and Komugi meet their ends in the chimera ant arc finale. Unlike one would assume, however, they die in peace and satisfaction, away from the violence and hatred of war.

Komugi is a blind human who knows nothing of Meruem's true appearance, nor cares to know. The unconditional love exhibited by both parties is astounding, even when their bodies are slowly collapsing from radiation poisoning.

Meruem is a drastically different person from who he originally was. He bows to Palm, a half-chimera hybrid for whom he would have never considered as his equal. He attempts to negotiate with Netero instead of resorting to battle, proposing a compromise to their opposing ideals. He even chooses to spend his final moments with a human of no strategic worth to him, Komugi, reliving their grandest gungi matches while dying in her arms.



Meruem is no longer simply a king, nor a rudimentary antagonist. He is a human in the body of an animal, who may have one day ruled with the utmost nobility and respect.

And that, my friends, is my analysis on the character development of Hunter x Hunter's incredible Meruem.


Killua Zoldyck from HxH
Killua Zoldyck has a subtle yet deep and powerful character development in Hunter x Hunter. He is introduced to the viewers as an assassin. But instead of wanting to be the powerful, deadly assassin as his family wants him to be, Killua instead wants to be friends with Gon. However, he's been taught by his older brother that he doesn't need friends, that he doesn't have the right to make friends, that eventually, he would kill Gon. Because that's who he is, an assassin, and Killua can do nothing but believe his brother.

As the story progresses, we watch Killua the Assassin shed and turn into Killua the Friend. His development comes to fruition during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, where Gon is in peril, his little sister is in danger of being killed by his older brother because she is not considered to be family. Killua is now finally able to stand up to his brother and show that he isn't a cold-blooded, heartless assassin ready to kill anybody on a whim. But he is instead a loving and caring brother and best friend. Instead of wanting to kill Gon, he will do whatever it takes to protect him.


Thorfinn from Vinland saga
It is rare you will get to witness the journey of a character as good as Thorfinn from Vinland Saga has.



Thorfinn is son of Thors, legendary Viking warrior. Growing up Thorfinn always wanted to be like his father, to be a great warrior. His chance appeared when Thors was called to war, snucking on the ship Thorfinn joined his father as a mere child. Thors always preached to Thorfinn about peace and that a real warrior doesn't need a sword.

Sometime after their ship was ambushed by Askelad and his mercenaries. Thors fought them by himself and bested them, however he gave his life so that his friends may live. Thorfinn witnessing the murder of his father was consumed by anger and rage. He promised to kill Askelad by any means necessary.

His rage and anger consumed him so much he started working for Askelad just so that he can fight him in the future. Thorfinn committed dozen murders and led raids on many villages just to get a shot to fight Askelad. He didn't care how many people need to die in order to achieve his dream.

After meeting Canute we see first changes of Thorfinn. During his duel with Askelad he gained an upper hand only for askelad to use his rage and anger against Thorfin, calling him an idiot boy in the end that wasted his life chasing revenge, never understanding the words of his father.

When Askelad die at the hand of Canute Thorfin was sent into fit of rage, screaming at Askelad that he can't die because Thorfin is the one that needs to kill him.

With his goal taken from him Thorfinn was lost and confused. His life and story led him to the pivotal Farm Arc which i will not disclose here because spoilers and because no words i can write here give justice to that masterpiece of an arc.

In short Thorfinn realized the true words of his father how a true warrior doesn't need a sword. He turned his life around and dedicated his life to peace. He became a mere shadow of an angry little boy he was.

I HIGHLY suggest you read Vinland saga and join us in the journey of this great character.


Arya Stark
Arya Stark
Game of Thrones

Princess Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife, Lady Catelyn Stark. She is the sister of the incumbent Westerosi monarchs, Sansa, Queen in the North, and Brandon, King of the Andals and the First Men.

Arya was born and raised at Winterfell. She has an older sister, Sansa, an older brother Robb, two younger brothers Bran and Rickon Stark, and a "bastard half-brother" Jon Snow.

Arya rejects the notion that she must become a lady and marry for influence and power. Instead, she believes that she can forge her own destiny. She is fascinated by warfare and training in the use of arms, and is bored by embroidery and other "lady-like" pursuits. She takes after her father and has a quarrelsome relationship with her sister Sansa, due to their contrasting interests and personalities. She is close to her "half-brother" Jon, who is also something of an outsider.

Arya then plays a significant role in the Great War, effectively ending the conflict through her killing of the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell. Afterwards, Arya rides south with Sandor Clegane to kill Cersei Lannister, not intent on returning to Winterfell. She arrives at King's Landing as it is being destroyed by Daenerys Targaryen. Sandor convinces Arya to abandon her quest for vengeance and Arya tries to help the smallfolk survive the destruction of King's Landing, though she fails. Weeks later, following Daenerys's assassination to stop her further destruction, Arya is part of the great council that decides the future of Westeros, during which Arya's younger brother Bran is chosen as king. After bidding farewell to her siblings, Arya decides to leave Westeros and sail west to discover what lies beyond where the maps of the known world end.

Round1 Ima go with Canute, he went from a weak princeling into a ruthless leader.

Round 2
Meruem's character development beats Killuas by a mile so I'll be voting him.

Round 3

Ill have to say that Noelle's chara dev is more appealing honestly.

Round 4
Thorfinn defines the age old journey of becoming a man.
As a Vinland fan i am stoked we got Thorfin and Canut bcs in the story they are 2 sides of the same coin.

I mean Canut is winning over Dio lmao
Can you sell me over why Killua has better character development than Meruem?
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Do you guys recommended the anime or manga for Vinland? The synopsis looks eye catching
Both are amazing, vinland's manga has some of the best looking scenes and characters Ive seen in manga.

But Anime is well adapated so I say watch it then hop onto the manga.
Not really, both are really good.

Only reason i went Killua is bcs his journey was longer and more heartbreaking
I dont think it was more heartbreaking tbh, not by a long shot.

Sure he had some hardships but overall Id say Meruem's journey of self discovery, him starting as an individual moving solely on instinct and then dying as the most human character in the arc is honestly amazing.

Adam ๐ŸŽ

Pretty Boy
I dont think it was more heartbreaking tbh, not by a long shot.

Sure he had some hardships but overall Id say Meruem's journey of self discovery, him starting as an individual moving solely on instinct and then dying as the most human character in the arc is honestly amazing.
Well Killua was basically mind fucked his entire childhood by his older brother and abuses to the point Killua even refused friends