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Light D Lamperouge

๐“ฃ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“—๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ธ๐“พ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ญ ๐“ž๐“ท๐“ฎ


In this round in this thread we will have 8 villain groups , which means 4 fights.

Vote in the poll, share your thoughts and state who you voted for.
Vote for each round, the winners of each fight will advance.

The Akatsuki
The Akatsuki organization consists of rogue shinobi from across the continent, each one imagined as monstrous in one way or another. Their goal is shrouded in mystery and falsehoods, so much that even its own members aren't entirely sure what they're aiming towards. But the capture and subjugation of the Jinchuurikiโ€”containers for the all powerful Bijuuโ€”is the foremost goal given to each member.

What makes the Akatsuki so great is how Kishimoto pairs them apart, ensuring that each duo has a unique interplay. Deidara and Sasori are both self proclaimed artists yet their interpretation of what art is couldn't be further apart. Hidan and Kakuzu, the Immortal Duo, clash violently when it comes to beliefs. Kakuzu is a man who will only put his trust in money, since it has value he can always rely on. Whereas Hidan is the opposite, a blind zealot choosing to trust an undefined dark deity.

The pair that best embodies this would be Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha. Both gained international recognition for the slaughter of their peers, both doing so (unbeknownst to the world in Itachi's case) on the orders of higher ups. Surface level, they're very similar. But, one represents fire whereas the other is water. Kisame is a man who despises lies absolutely whereas Itachi is someone who couldn't tell the truth when alive. Kisame is willing to hurt or maim anyone in order to find purpose in Akatsuki, whereas Itachi already has a purpose but is equally brutal in reaching itโ€”including towards his own well being.

The enigmatic leadership of Akatsuki, revealed to be Pein and later Obito, works very well too. The mystery that spawned interest in Akatsuki is retained for much of the series. Likewise, both of the leaders being staunch idealists allows for great back and forths when challenging the protagonist.


The Pillar Men from JOJO
The Pillar Men are the main antagonists of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, part 2; Battle Tendency. They consist of Santana, the stray, and the main trio of Esidisi, Whamuu and Kars.

They're all part of an ancient culture, where the mastermind of the Pillar Men, Kars, had discovered a way for them to transcend their beings. It was through his invention of the Stone Mask, piercing the brain in certain locations to force a change in them. However the price to pay was for them to become cannibals, drinking the blood and eating the flesh of humans, but as their glaring weakness they could not walk under the sun.

Kars wanted to overcome this one weakess of theirs to become the ultimate lifeforms; Invincible, unaging, unkillable, one with nature and the ones to oversee it.

He had found his answer how to achieve this, and it all lays in the jewel known only as the Red stone of Aja. When the Pillar Men awakens, their mission is quite clear, locate and secure the Red Stone of Aja in order to power up the stone mask.

Each of the pillar men has their own element linked with them, Esidisi is heat, Whamuu is the Wind, while Kars is Light. They all have absolute control over their bodies, able to contort and twist and do everything with their bodies. Throughout time the only people who have dared stood up against them is the Hamon warriors, but they are becoming fewer and fewer in number as it's a dying culture soon to be forgotten. However Joseph Joestar and his friend Ceasar Zeppeli are strong hamon users who have taken up the task of stopping the Pillar Men from becoming a complete force of nature.



The warriors from Attack on Titan
Little text about the warriors

The Warrior Unit is composed of 9 people, but the group can be said to be 10 people large, I include Gabi even if she never ate a Titan.

This military group is particular in a sense that their goal is to destroy Paradise island where the Eldians live, even though they are Eldians themselves.

Little history lesson about Attack on titan : The Eldian empire ruled the world for centuries thanks to the power of titans, they were merciless and controled the whole planet under an iron fist. Over a century ago there was a rebellion and the country of Marley managed to put its hand on some titans and overthrew the former Eldian empire. The last King of Eldia Fritz decided to stop the war and to retire with the last of his people in a small island : Paradise island. But not every Eldians managed to get there and some of them had tp stay on the continent, on Marley or elsewhere.

But on the continent the destiny of those Eldians became terrible. Outcast, put in special areas, treated as second class citizen at best or demons they suffered discrimination and assault.

But in their blood they were still special, on their people had the possibility to turn onto titans. So they were kept by Marley as special weapons.

Back to the Warrior unit now : they are young eldians, trained since childhood to carry one of the 9 primordial titans and fight for Marley.

The evil trick of Marley is to give to those children a special status for them and their families, if they accept to fight for Marley against other countries and even against their own kind they will be granted more rights and be treated as normal Marleyans.

They are brainwashed to believe that Marley is right and that Eldians are living demons, the worst kind of scum, that they must do anything to succed and destroy Paradise island, and only that way the Eldians trapped on the continent can be truely free.

And few years before the beginnig of the story a team of 4 young warriors was sent to paradise to infiltrate them. Their mission was to gather the most information possible about Paradise, to make the most to sabotage them and kill them, and also retreive a special titan power kept by Paradise.

And this is where their story become interesting : once in Paradise those young ones, but tasked with a really really hard mission discovered the reality of Paradise and the peoplewho lived in it.

The people they thought as demons, fiend, scums, and worthless, were in fact real human beings, normal, kind, real people trapped into 3 walls and facing the threat of the titans.

The warriors infiltrated the military and fought titans side by side with paradisians, became friends with them, shared their joys and sorrow and this fucked up their mind.

One of them (the most important one) Reiner even developped some kind of personality disorder to support the burden of his mission and what he did. One personality was the nice Eldian friend, always there for his team, strong and trsutful, and the other the dark Marley warriors here to kill them all.

he knew deep down that his mission was wrong, but he was too deep into it, his family in the country counted on him, his other warriors etc. It was to late to back down, but it destroyed him all the same.

The rest of the group is also composed of tortured individuals.

Their leader Zeke proved himself to be a bastard of the highest level, yet he was till complex. The way he became like that his really interesting : his Eldian parents were firmly against Marley and used him as a child to infiltrate the warrior group, but in this group he met a real father figure and a goal and ideology which changed his life. Then he sold his parents to marleyans authority and they were deported. That way he became the warrior favorite and lead them later.
Zeke saw the suffering of his people on the continent and to change the eldian fate : being discriminate and hated he thought the best idea was to eliminate them, and with the help of the special power sterilize them all for them to die peacefully.

All in all even if the warriors were the main antagonist for the most part of the show you can't help pitying them and somewhat understand them. They were true antagonist to the MC and the "hero" side but real people.


The Empire from Star wars
"The Empire was a fascist Galactic government which was ruled by the Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine who was in fact a Sith Lord. They replaced the Galactic republic at the end of The galaxy wide Clone wars and bringing in a new era of fear and oppression and dictatorship. They were also responsible for carrying out the "great Jedi Purge". They systematically conquered and oppressed the galaxy for two decades even invading worlds and civilisations which they had defended during the Clone wars. During their reign of terror The Empire developed a super weapon called the Death Star which was a battle station the size of small moon which had the power to vaporize entire planets to space debris.
Ultimately the Empire was brought down During a galactic Civil war in which many factions who were unhappy with the empire and its wrong doings banded together and formed a Rebel Alliance".


One Shadow Nine Fists-
History's Strongest Discipline Kenichi

One shadow, 9 fists- History's strongest discipline

The 10 strongest unarmed martial artists that follow the path of Satsujinken (life killing fist), belonging to the group of Yami who are on the path of trying to instigate the setting of the eternal sun.


Basically trying to create an infinite state of war in the form of World War 3 through manipulating major politics and good old fashioned killing.

- They believe that martial arts can only progress and maintain itself through conflict. They fear the fact that their ancient and brutal arts, teachings and ways will lose itself in due time and rot away, if not for hardships.

- Apart from their goal, the way the group operates, their interactions with one another, and the way they contrast the main cast who follow the way of Katsujinken (life- saving fist), makes this group truly unique.

- No one member is bland or boring, but they maintain a sense of realism without going over the top or being edgy.

- They're actually competent villains who get shit done, and gives a sense of unholy dread whenever one of them engage in a fight with the main cast. Very effective.

Wish I could explain a bit more, but just go read History's strongest Discipline for yourself lol. It's been a while since I've read it, and it takes too long to explain.

This villain group and manga itself consists of great female characters who aren't there just for background filler.



Phantom Troupe
The Phantom Troupe is made up of infamous thieves with Class-A bounties and is one of the main criminal organizations in the HxH world. They are also known as "Spider". Almost every member is from Meteor City, a junkyard inhabited by outcasts. In that city, no one truly exists and the city itself is known to very few people. Chrollo Lucilfer formed the Phantom Troupe with six other citizens of Meteor City. The group consists of 13 members, one "head" and twelve "legs", all of whom are formidable Nen users. Each member has a numbered tattoo of a spider on their body. The only way to join is to kill a current member and take their place or just wait for a member to die and get chosen by Chrollo.

They are known to be one of the most dangerous and ruthless thieves around the world. Just like when they massacred the entire clan of Kurapika just because of their Scarlet Eyes. Even though the group is close with each other, they allow those who have killed their members to join. Just like in the video, Chrollo organized a revenge massacre of the mafia in deceased member Uvogin's honor.


Aizen and Espadas
Character design:
Theyโ€™re all cool as hell. Their abilities, outfits, releases, zanpakuto names are all just cool. The Espada to me are above groups like the Akatsuki and Chimera ants design wise and looks wise. They all have that little unique thing that characterizes them.

The Spanish based music, zanpakuto names, soundtrack, and abilities just builds up on the Espadaโ€™s and even regular Arrancarโ€™s coolness. Abilities like Hierro, Cero, Sonรฌdo are basic in a way, but still interest me.

Now, what definitely makes these Espada even cooler is that each one is based off an aspect of death: Senescence, sacrifice, despair, destruction, greed, solitude, nothingness, intoxication, rage, and madness.

Here is a cool graph representing each aspect:

These aspects of death builds upon each Espadaโ€™s character, like how Barragan represents Senescence/Aging and itโ€™s related to his Respira, which is the same ability that he died to.

Basically, the Espada are well written and captivating in my opinion.

They had some short comings but overall i feel that this group is pretty damn iconic.


Homonculi from FMAB
The Homunculi are the eight primary villainous forces of the series. The central antagonist is the original Homunculus known simply as Father, who was created several hundred years before the start of the series in the presently non-existent nation of Xerxes. The other seven Homunculi are tangible embodiments of his partly human nature's vices, and therefore parts of himself. He did this in an effort to become the ultimate being by attempting (perhaps failing) to purge himself of the seven "sins" which he believed make humans imperfect (the souls of the 7 homunculi were born when the Father divided his immortal soul into seven parts).

The Homunculi were created by injecting a Philosopher's Stone (imbued with one of Father's seven basic vices) broken off from Father's own Philosopher's Stone, into the body of a living being. Five of the Homunculi are based on (and have exactly the same composition as) humans, which were either artificial bodies transmuted from Father or naturally occurring humans; Envy is based on a disturbing leviathan creature created by Father; and Pride is created from Father's own semi-divine essence, being, and image.

Aside from the primary emotion/desire they embody, Homunculi generally possess the belief that they are superior to every other living thing, including humans. This is the psychological effect of their being born with immense strengths. Many of the Homunculi even have ill feelings towards humans. Out of the Homunculi, the sadistic Envy is the one who hates and treats them the most personally and with utmost bitterness, while Pride has the evilest malice, disdain, discrimination, prejudice, and contempt towards humans.
They are all really well written characters, with a thematically consistent story arc to the sin that they are based off of. They are really intimidating villains in the the context of the story and are one of the reason which made FMA a top 10/top 5 manga.
All of their seven characteristics are directly seen in their creator and the main antagonist, Father, the original Homunculus.
  • Lust: Desire for power and willingness to manipulate others for it.​
  • Gluttony: Consumption of resources at his disposal, such as the fate of the first Greed.​
  • Envy: Envy of humans for their ability to have families and create meaningful bonds - Hohenheim explicitly refers to this as his reason for creating the Homunculi.​
  • Greed: Aforementioned desire for power.​
  • Sloth: Having others do the work while he resides underground and directs.​
  • Wrath: His anger in general, but particularly notable in his confrontation with Hohenheim.​
  • Pride: Father's superiority complex, such as seeing humans as ants.​
All of the Homunculi die in a way related to the sin they 'embody':
  • Lust was incinerated to death by a man, who 'lusts' after the position of leader of Amestris.​
  • Greed was boiled down for his most valuable part, and later killed again for the same part by Father.​
  • Gluttony was devoured by Pride.​
  • Envy commits suicide out of jealousy and self-loathing toward humans.​
  • Sloth wears out from his Philosopher's Stone during a long fight.​
  • Wrath meets his end at the hands of one of the vengeful people he tried to exterminate.​
  • Pride was stripped of his power and had been reduced to the form of one of the creatures that he despised.​
  • Father, while not named after a sin, was largely undone by the efforts of Van Hohenheim, the one from whose blood he was "born", and Greed, his own son.​