General & Others Better Zoro fight in Wano?

Which is better?

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While both are possible which would you rather see out of these 2 options?

  1. Soloing king
  2. Joining the kaido gangbang with luffy, law, kid, killer, yamato, etc.
So yeah again if you had to choose 1 between those 2 only what would you prefer?
No both, zoro vs queen, soloing kaido, etc.

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You are so mad for no reason
Didn't Luffy beat commander with no Ryou? Since when ryou is a requirement?
Sanji is not luffy. Sanji has zero feats or hype and no. Ryou. He will never beat a Yc1 . He got almost killed by a casual full zoan king . If not for his power ranger suit which saved his life . Let Sanji beta a vergo caliber opponent first before you start talking out of your ass