Character Discussion Big Mom and Devil Fruit Ultimate Techniques


Most ppl focus heavily on Law's Immortality Surgery as the only known Ultimate Ability of devil fruits, but we see another one mentioned in Dressrosa. It seems like it's more common than we might think that the user of a devil fruit can sacrifice their own life to perform a hidden ultimate technique. Law can give someone immortality. Princess Mansherry can apparently permanently restore damage to entire buildings (or more), not just temporarily heal people. What if we've already seen a third?

I think the Soru Soru no mi's ultimate ability is that you sacrifice your own life to take bodily possession of another human being, and Mother Carmel assumed control over Mom's body. Big Mom = Mother Carmel but Big. O-lin in Wano is like, literally the same personality as the little kid Linlin from Elbaf, with no development or change. She's a child's brain in Big Mom's body, who never aged a day since Carmel took her body over, and all she can think about is food and helping people, the same personality she had back in the orphanage.

Remember the first time O-lin shows up is after Big Mom is completely submerged in seawater, deactivating her/Carmel's Devil Fruit powers. She remains Linlin until Queen knocks her body unconscious and Big Mom can retake control.

I think what might have happened that day is that Linlin really did just eat the semla.

Carmel got the party set up, sold most of the kids to CP-0, then either they wanted the kids for free or they refused to buy Linlin. A conflict arose, and CP-0 being who they are, they started busting out rokushiki moves and killing witnesses. At that point Carmel said fuck it, if i'm going to die anyway get ready, then possessed Mom and started trying to murder the agents/drive them off. One of them managed to give her a wallop on the head or hit her with some sea prism stone weapons, Linlin woke back up eating semla and didn't remember anything. Streusen comes over, starts being a groomer, and then sometime soon after that, Carmel regained control and started building her criminal empire and reverse harem.

When we see this, shit gets real.
BM was still an innocent child until Streussen corrupted her.
she had already eaten Carmel at that point.

the only possibility I see is that parts of Carmels soul merged with Linlins and added to her corruption. but Linlin is still Linlin. she was not overtaken by Carmel.

the only reason why BM reverted back to innocent child Linlin was because she lost the memories of the time when Streussen corrupted her. it has nothing to do with the DF.

remains Linlin until Queen knocks her body unconscious
Queen knocked BM on the head and she regained her memories at that moment. after that BM fell asleep. she was never knocked out in this encounter.
its the typical cartoon trope. lose memory. get whacked on the head. regain memory.
She didn't eat Carmel. There's no possible way she did because eating someone doesn't give you devil fruit powers. The giant who liked the orphanage was disgusted because he watched Carmel selling kids to CP-0 and then linlin possessed by carmel stealing people's souls and rampaging, not because linlin ate the kids and Carmel.

like there's really nothing that indicates she ate them. Oda shows blood if there's blood. All you see is Carmel's ripped up clothes.

also the meeting itself was meant to be the sell off. It's not like cp0 never showed up. They were part of the scene too, linlin just doesn't remember.

ok seems like this is getting more and more clear that big mom didnt eat Carmel. I had NO IDEA Oda already confirmed in an SBS that you can't pass on devil fruit abilities directly by being eaten. This essentially confirms that either Carmel died for an unrelated reason and Linlin just happened to eat a compatible fruit that was nearby, OR that Carmel used the soru soru no mi ultimate technique to merge her soul with Linlin's.
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