Powers & Abilities Biggest Feat in One Piece

Biggest Feat

  • Fujitora Elevating Rubbles

    Votes: 21 23.3%
  • Akainu/Aokiji Punk Hazard

    Votes: 34 37.8%
  • WhiteBeard Tsunami

    Votes: 38 42.2%
  • Aokiji Instant Freezing Ocean/Tsunami/Land

    Votes: 17 18.9%
  • Doflamingo Parasite Country Control

    Votes: 6 6.7%
  • Shadow Luffy Tossing Oars around

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Akainu Magma Fist Shower

    Votes: 7 7.8%
  • Mihawk Yoru Ice Cutting Slash

    Votes: 17 18.9%
  • Akainu VS WBP Commanders+Crocodile

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Kaido VS 9 Scabbards

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Roger VS Country

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Xebec VS Roger+Garp

    Votes: 6 6.7%

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critical mindset

The greatest lifting feat goes to Dory, lifting the giant sea king with one arm that covered 1/4 of Little Garden (which isn’t so little, it has active volcanoes)

Stamina + greatest lung capacity feat goes to Vergo. The dude never gets physically tired or exhausted whatever you hit him with.
Aokiji Instant Freezing Ocean/Tsunami/Land this always looked very cool to me.
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"That skull belongs to the giant shadow of Thrller bark" :myman:
* one of the.
That giants head can fit oars sized monsters in it with ease and they are tiny compared to just the head. The scale on it is enormous. If someone did that itd probably be the biggest feat.
Mihawk's Iceberg slash is overall greatest feat in the entire series as @Shuyaku said
-On point blank Range it can be scaled to Island level due to the fact that mere shock waves are Large Mountain Level
-The attack also has insane lethality
-Mihawk was extremely casual when he pulled off that feat.

There is no feat in One Piece so far that matches up to that. Closest thing is Prime Garp busting 9 mountains but again busting 9 mountains warms Garp up, Mihawk busts a large mountain without even attempting to bust a large mountain.

For more detailed info on Greatness of Mihawk's slash, refer to this post

Mihawk is Pirate King level character and strongest man in the world.