Black Clover - Chapter 305 - The Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn

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Noelle the Queen of Shonen:finally:

Overall amazing chapter. I didn't know I would enjoy Langris and Yuno team-up this match. Langris finally using up his full potential which is crazy. People won't notice it because of the inflation of the power levels but Langris being able to hold his own against 100% Zenon even for a such short period of time is amazing.

Yuno uses another transformation as predicted. I think this is the 3rd one. So we have one last incoming. Although I don't think this is the end for Zenon since he is the smartest one out of the Triad and already 2 of them are defeated. If he goes down then closing the Qlipoth is literally a matter of few seconds.
Queen Noelle finally take what she deserved!
First place! And that is after 300 chapter when usually female characters became annoying or weak! Well played Tabatha! At this point Noelle could have her own manga!

Noelle >>>> your fav

Chapters is funny

If you want a biggest joke, you should read Langris words about strongest squad - Golded Dawn

Ok, in the end Yuno said that he will defeate his opponent less then for 3 minutes, words that should be compared to Noelle with her 1 minute

But case of Nacht words it seems that something will go wrong...and one more opponent will stay alive for final battle
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C'est La Vie
Its getting better, and it will get more better if Zenon dies very soon.

This chapter reminds me of Abarai Renji's Zabimaru.