Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

New spoilers soon I guess...Devils are planning to attack the clover castle. I wonder about their intentions. Will we get a back story on previous devil invasion soon?

It will be hype if Julius fights!!
Don't give me hope:josad:

Although they will need 2nd big series.

They always do 2 at a time.

With Chainsaw Man they have 1.

Man I need therapy:josad::josad:
I think Mappa will try their best on Chainsaw Man only so I wouldn't be surprise if they don't the second series to work on but let's hope that they will take BC as their work.
They should cut off AoT instance, no one want that trash traitor face of Armin and Mikasa, fucking traitors...
Man, I'm not a Armin or Mikasa hater or anything but Eren should be the winner (so far at least).