Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

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I saw the early leaks. Not confirmed 100% yet but they are from a reliable source.

Fucking original story Movie........

Don't take it for granted yet but this is almost confirmed......

For fucking sake.

Doing a movie with zero hype from anime..........

I will believe in studio change until the fucking end u hear me? Until the fucking end:pepecry::pepecry::pepecry::pepecry:
It had to be done at some point. BC not having a movie or major game this far into the series was sending red flags

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Yeah, this is fucked up. I keep telling people that Pierrot is basically putting a nail to the coffin for Black Clover marketing-wise.

Manga sales are fucking low and anime was the main source for the $ coming for Tabata and Shueisha.

Idiots will put anime on at least 1,5-2 years hiatus. 1,5-2 years of hiatus for the main source of $ for the show.......

Another thing. Jujutsu Kaisen is getting a movie.....

Jujutsu trended with 350k tweets on twitter. Black Clover movie announcement didn't even trend worldwide.....

and it looks like it might be a Original Story movie since Asta on the poster is not having his Devil arm.

Have you heard about Nanatsu no Taizai Original Story movie fiasco? Well...........


If BC movie will get released in similar date to MHA or Jujutsu movie. It's fucking over and Black Clover Manga will get axed.
I literally do not understand the Jujutsu craze. I watched 5 episodes of the anime and dug into a few more chapters of the manga, and literally nothing about it appealed to me. Unrelated to BC but still lol.

As long as Shueisha doesn’t cancel the manga, I really don’t care much about the anime. There are very few anime that I would really be upset if they were canceled.

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Like on that screenshot I posted.

I also think Shueisha is testing BC.

If this movie doesn't perform well. Fam BC manga will get axed...

Have you heard about phantom seer? That manga has only 50k fewer sales on volumes and it got canceled.....

If a Movie won't boost up the sales and not many people come to watch it. It's fucking over.

I was fucking praying for this announcement to not be a movie but an Anime reboot or seasonal.


Black Clover has a ruined its reputation because of Pierrot's anime adaptation.

We have literally zero hype going on. Pierrot thinks that if Kimetsu became the most selling anime movie in Japan so can BC.


Dark Clouds above BC.

I hope Tabata at least finishes this arc because if movie dont perform well he will get tasked with rushing the story so they can cancel BC quicker.....
Well, I think the way the current story has been progressing, Black Clover is really approaching its end game. There are no more huge mysteries left to really be answered aside from the ones that were created this arc, and even then it feels like the BC world is now complete. Unless Tabata was planning on going to other realms or continents..there really isn’t much left for him to do.

It would suck if Black Clover ends pre-maturely but it also feels like it would be a relatively good place to end things.
Chapter 300 this week.

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I wonder if Tabata also feels this the way fandom feels about chapters with numbers 100,200 and etc...

Chapter 100 included Rouge's debut ( the Cat that controls fate summoned by Vanessa ).

Chapter 200 was about a clash of ideals and a mental struggle between Asta and Patry.

Do we expect something crazy to happen in the upcoming chapter or Tabata will just follow the plot he wanted to gradually reveal?

If you are not up to date with the manga here is small info on what is happening currently.

( Megicula transformed ( silhouette ) and Noelle is out of gas basically ) + Gaja on his way to the afterlife.

Nozel? Asta?
I think that we will see Nozel rescure Noell and the end of the next chapter we will see Yuno vs Zenon.
I don't have time to put up a whole thread on this so fuck it.

- Asta is useless for some reason, after he saves Lolopechka he is basically done.
- Noelle almost loses it and confesses to Asta but she saves this to after the war.
- Captains finally stand up and back to fighting again.
- Megicula is pissed off ( apparently she had to deal with someone with cancel magic before but this is not confirmed yet )
- Noelle uses Saint Valkyrie Stage on the last page again.
- Megicula uses bodies of 100 people who were experimented on as living death soldiers.

So Asta didn't do shit here. Thank fucking God. He also says: "I'm leaving this to you Noelle" and Undine teleports them away with some water bubble.
Ok I can make thread a bit later.