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At least 3 months of hiatus and then the final arc, I hope Tabata rests and returns with energy in the last part of the story but man Jump is in the mud, all the big series ending. I think the only thing that would save them would be that MHA has a second part
It would be so easy if he left the hints for it prior to the Spade Invasion. Starting it straight off the bat after ending Spade arc in the last chapter leaves a bad taste in the mouth. If I had in mind that Time Magic Devil is plotting ( maybe not directly but just an idea someone is plotting ) I wouldn't be as mad for the Spade arc ending because the arc was fantastic until Lucifero manifested.
There actually a lot of theories that Julius is a demon
Theories have chance to be proven wrong and a waste of time.

I know for a fact since I was theorizing Julius being a Time Magic Devil for over a year and few months:milaugh::kata:
Sorry them I started the series a few months ago or so

😁 you guys did nice I also grow suspicious of Lucius but dismissed it since he really seemed like a good guy
But from the looks of it it's not that Julius is the Time Magic Devil. Nor he is possesed by Time Devil.

He turns into Lucius which is a similar case to Patry and William if you remember.

Julius is worried prior to Lucius coming out.
For me he seems like the time magic Astaroth

The spoilers say he vanished from the underworld maybe he can't fully manifest his ability and needs the door to be open that's why he manipulated
The kingdom and served Yami and William on the golden plate

Or he did all to remove Lucifer
That's also one of my theories. After Liebe's flashback something didn't sit well with me and I started to wonder "Lol are Big Three okay with Lucifero hailing himself as the Number 1?".
That's what Julius predicted the loss of Lucifer it seems like Astaroth didn't agree with Lucifer and planned a way to remove him without doing anything

But what I don't understand is how the hell did Astaroth escape hell without disturbing the world it says if Lucifero fully manifests it instantly can destroy the world

Astaroth vanished yet no distribution
I will split my answer into 3 parts to make it more understandable than one long line.

1. We have no idea if Astaroth escape underworld with his full power and if he doesn't have to fully manifest with the gates too.

2. He escaped because of some disturbance in the world, just like Liebe. There must be some weak moment in a year where gates are weakened or something like that and he used this opportunity or which is more plausible he used the opportunity when Nacht's family or some other Devil worshippers tried to summon Devils.

3. Astaroth planted the seeds in Julius ( no sexual contexts ).
Thats a very good approach
The best is "There must be some weak moment in a year" based on Julius being a magic nerd he could find the weak point

But I would like it if Julius is actually Astaroth he made me love the series
Same. Since you are relatively new to this section. I'm the biggest Julius wanker you could meet.

The amount of cope/agendas I have with Julius and his power levels is beyond what I speak in One Piece section:milaugh:

Julius is a mfkin chad.
That dude is doing extreme things like it's nothing among the 4 siblings he is the strongest prob the secret king of the diamond kingdom

Wanking and saying the truth are two different things :goyea:

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You filthy fucking bitch. I hate you:josad:

I knew something was up ever since the appearance of Zenon. This is a post from over 2 years ago.

Damn these mofos are crazy hype. For me the most intriguing one is Zeno lol. Why the hell does he look like dark Julius lmao?
They look alike imo

And it seems I got the name of the devil right too.
It's gonna be Astaroth.
Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity.

Just like the 3 devils that control space, gravity and time. Beelzebub - space, Lucifero - gravity and Astaroth - time.
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I knew something was up ever since the appearance of Zenon. This is a post from over 2 years ago.

And it seems I got the name of devil right too.

Yeah, it's hard not to see how similar they are. Juli's fate was sealed as soon as we were told there is a time devil. RIP Julius... we know you never existed but we'll still continue love you:josad: