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I do not know if the game will end with me, if it doesn't it's because theirs an indie role that needs to be offed which would explain Mafia getting the short end of the stick.
Even still mafia should have had 4 at least... never 20% is so low
Considering the protection and investigation abilities town had yeah 4 would have been nice but 3 isn't all too bad. The issue was mostly our abilities were pretty weak. To have given us a better chance we either should have gotten some fake claims or banned role claiming all together. Our doctor should have been upgraded to protect us from actions not just kills, once the town vig got offed our doctor role kinda became obsolete


Best Son
The Black Bulls

@Ariess [Vetto] has been lynched!


Mafia Roleblocker: Roleblocks his target at night.


Beast: Cannot be roleblocked when performing the FK.

Town has won the game!
Thanks for playing everyone!

Since Flower is currently AFK, and Ariess literally claimed I thought it's best to give this a quick end.
To comment on the recent balance discussion: I think the setup was slightly townfavoured but a 12 v 3 is a valid ratio. The problem was town was not restricted to shots, so they were outsourcing the mafia throughout the game. I hoped town would be at each other's throat for longer and I was rooting for Ariess at some points. There were alot of unreasonable plays from town's side and everyone, except one or two, were actually scummy throughout the game. I personally was busy and distracted, so I couldn't help Flower to prepare the game any better, because tbh I wasn't caring too much. I just wanted to make it easier for her to host it. All in all the game wasn't too bad, it was actually good training grounds, and you guys should use it to reflect on how you play mafia and approach other players. We all try to be less spiteful and more reasonable.

Anyway, thanks @Flower @Light D Lamperouge for your work!
And thanks for playing guys! I think it was quite a chill game, and if you want them to be better, we should just host more of these cozier ones in future, and improve with each setup/game hosted!
1) @Pot Goblin
2) @Juliet
3) @Naomi
4) @Xlaw
5) @ConquistadoR
6) @T-Pein™
7) @Midnight Delight
8) @MonochromeYoru
9) @Vanellope Lhea
10) @Tobra
11) @Ekkologix
12) @RippedCal
13) @Ariess
14) @MangoSenpai
15) @Zolo
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