Future Events Black Tooth gifter vs Page One?

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Page One because he is a F6. I seriously dount that any existing gifter will be portrayed above any F6, the gap is quite wide honestly. But some F6 are instead comparable to the lowest yonko commanders.

black tooth is the one who beat sanji
But so did that other woman too lol? I don’t get why everyone is so focused on him. Like let’s be real the only reason they landed hits is because of Black Marias web. I don’t get if people are being serious or not because I was talking about some other stuff on another thread and this guy brought up black tooth and I think he was being deadly serious lol

edit: whoops just read through this and I didn’t realise it was a joke thread lol
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Wasn’t the web that Sanji got caught in made by Black Maria? I don’t understand this focus on the black tooth guy lol? Or am I missing some kind of joke lol?
Thats because people got triggered about the whole stag beetle gifter mockery.
Now they do the same with the Black tooth gifter because he looks more ridiculous than the other Black maria's goons.
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