Powers & Abilities BlackBeard has mountain level CoA Haki

Does Blackbeard have one of the best CoA Haki feat?

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I was going to say Island level, but I don't want to bully BB haters too much right now so for now I am ok with saying mountain level, look at this beauty:

SSG Mihawk's slash literally changed the shape of the entire island , BB gets no damage from this attack because of his high level CoA Haki is an incredible feat. BB already has one of the best CoA Haki feat in the series.

And the best part is, its a ONE-HANDED CoA block, not even full powered 2 Handed block. BB wasn't even using his full CoA vs. a mountain level slash.

Another huge feat that how easily BB overpowered Boa Hancock's CoC and CoA Haki with his own:

Before they were saying Hancock is YC1 level etc now watch what will they say:

What they were saying about BB's Haki and defense before:


People doubted how Yami BB stomped Magellan later, called him YC3 level, his Haki is shit, hurt by Pre-TS Luffy jetpistol etc, yet Hancock's Hax is more dangerous than Magellan's Hax, when Blackbeard is serious he easily overpowered Hancock's Hax and her Haki, same Hancock should be YC1. :milaugh:

Same Hancock with seastone cuffs were physically overpowering Magellan, and Yami BB can easily overpower her when she wasn't wearing any sea stone cuffs. That alone shows how Yami BB put Magellan in coma in the second fight when he got serious, and why Shiryu (Magellan's equal) accepted to become Yami BB's underling.

There is also the fact that Base BB (without any DF) went toe-to-toe with Captain Shanks (when Shanks dueled Mihawk),

My previous analysis:


I already explained here that Yami BB has mountain level defense when he gets serious:
Yami Blackbeard's Defense: When He Gets Serious
It was the same in Ace fight;

At the beginning, Ace's attacks were working and Ace was able to knock BB down;

Later, Ace couldn't knock a serious BB down;

Because BB gets serious and uses CoA, his superior physical stats to block Ace's best attacks.

BB laughs at Ace's best attacks.

Even Gigantic Banana Rock falls down but not BB.

He laughs against even an Island size Entei from Ace;

Of course BB haters were saying things like ''his Haki is shit'' etc, and lowballing him, but now they have no where to run. :goyea:

Compare to the Admirals CoA Haki feat with BB's CoA Haki:

3 of them collectively as a team, stopping a random long range shockwave attack from Whitebeard, which is 1/3 of WB's Quake attack, its not as impressive as BB's CoA Haki feat, because the shockwave didn't reshape the island, and its because blunt and shockwave attacks are easier to stop it with CoA Haki in comparison with piercing and cutting attacks:

''Armament Haki can protect me from blunt strikes... But my Haki isn't strong enough to handle this kind of damage yet...''

Its clear at this point, Blackbeard's CoA > Admiral's CoA.

And not only that, you should also consider the fact that Rayleigh admits, he couldn't defeat Blackbeard, even with Hancock's help.

Which is kind of confirmation that Blackbeard's CoA is above Admirals, and equal to Rayleigh's since, Blackbeard was also dealing with Hancock in that moment.

If Rayleigh had much superior Haki than Blackbeard's, then the moment Rayleigh attacks Blackbeard, (who was holding Boa Hancock in that moment) BB is in disadvantage, because he would have to take an attack from Rayleigh while holding Hancock.

Because he admits even a surprise attack like he used on Kizaru (a kick that stopped Kizaru's attack and saved Zolo) from this position, wouldn't be enough to let Hancock go due to Blackbeard's Haki.

If Rayleigh could free Hancock in this position with a CoA attack, then surely that would be an advantage for Rayleigh, while Hancock distracts BB, Rayleigh could overpower BB's Haki easily if his Haki is superior, but IT IS NOT, BB's CoA is superior to Admirals CoA Haki, and is on the same level with Rayleigh's CoA.
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Honestly, bb's use of haki surprised me
At the beginning of wano, some people believed that Kaido does not have good haki..And Kaido was able to use the highest level of haki we've seen so far
Well, we don't know anything about bb's serious fight, but maybe Oda will give him better haki..coc?
But I think yami fruit has a better defensive feature


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Erkek-chan, why are you working double shifts... :milaugh:
If Kaido doesnt want no smoke with Zoro's Hiryu Kaen, you can be certain that BB doesnt want it either.
And Zoro is something unreachable for Blackbeard considering he cant beat even prime Rayleigh.
And who said Blackbeard stomped Magellan? It was Shiryu who switched sides. Blackbeard didnt cut his wing off, Shiryu did. :saden:

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I'll let you slide on this one Erk cause it's muthafuckin' Blackbeard. Easily blocked a mountain cut without any scratch or struggle. Easy to see BB being able to block Mihawk's MF slash and Zoro's ISDS.

However, it should still be considered that the PXs can't/didn't use any haki and as seen with Zoro vs Pica, a non mountain slash one shotted Pica because of inferior haki.