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Gorosei Informer

Tyvm! Appreciate this!

No spoilers but do we get to know what aizen's bankai is?
Not yet sadly. he has a "beyond bankai" that was recently revealed or something like that, but for Brave Soul game I think? He only gets a passing mention in this chapter so far.

This is INSANE! No Bleach chapter has ever broken me mentally like this! Maybe emotionally too! I'm gonna go quote/copy what I said in the spoiler thread in response to this chapter....

Lmao why are they mad at him? What THE FUCK is the DEAL WITH KAZUI too!? Is that goldfish analogy referring to him!? Kazui the main villain in future? LMFAO

On another note....

What the actual flying fuck was the chapter?!

That mindfucked me even harder than Jojo and OP have before!
And Jojo routinely mindfucks me every single chapter too!

Fuck im floored

The things I was saying about Ukitake being said to be shady in the story, back in the Fullbringer/Rogue Shinigami Agent arcs are going FULL CIRCLE NOW IRONICALLY!

They are probably going to have to fight all the DEAD CAPTAINS! INCLUDING BYAKUYA IF KUBO HAD COMMITED TO KILLING HIM OFF! WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUCK?! Imagine if the Royal Guard had stayed dead? And thus come back from HELL!? I think they all survived despite seemingly being killed off? I can't remember, i tried to forget that fucking awful arc... I knew a HELL arc would be amazing and epic BUT MY GOD KUBO, WHAT THE FUCK?!

My mind feels so brutally violated right now.

I swear I'm living in some kind of Inception dream world/alternate reality/parallel dimension or something IDK?! Did Madara somehow come to exist in our world and use Infinite Tsukiyomi on us?! Is this Aizen's Bankai!?

And given the plot of this chapter, is this why we're getting this "Beyond Bankai" shit in Brave Souls or wherever it was shown recently?

What the actual fuck, my head is spinning intensely right now, I'm feeling dizzy....I'm gonna have an Uzumaki Khan style moment and get low diffed by my door or something somehow!



Garp the Fist

So, the Kazui monologue (Ichigo has raised a fucking psycho apparently). Gets brought back in the end with Syzalapporo’s rant.

So, the big fish that disappears is Ywach and Aizen, allowing the little fish (Hell) to keep growing and growing, right? So that being a sign that it wasn’t as much of a threat before the TYBW. And is Aizen vanished because he’s in Mugen, or has he vanished because the tricksy bugger has escaped and is roaming around free as a bird in hell?

I like the deaf vice-captain, the other one… well, I’ll give her time to grow on me.

Ichika‘s a fun mix of early Rukia and Renji.

So, dead Captains as the villains of this arc? Dunno how it’ll be done, Kubo’s also meant to have been working on Burn the Witch.


I will never forgive Oda
Also, Tekking is going to FREAK about this chapter!

I also recommend this channel! He makes a lot of interesting and regular Bleach videos, very insightful! His channel is definitely gonna be worth watching along with Tekking's even more now so ofc!

Also great music to read the chapter by!:

Binged his stuff back around January! Good channel!

Gorosei Informer

God damn Mayuri everytime he reappear in Bleach

Also this?

Shipping Lady Gaga x Mayuri now!

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Probably just a wrong guess about the new Squad 8 vice-captain with the dark skin
That's a real shame, maybe there's still hope in future chapters? It does seem they made that assumption on her, I fell for it too tbh.