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So the Gotei Captains, Vice-Captains, or strong hollows don't get reincarnated, but sent to hell when they die because their are too strong to remain around or be sent to living world. WTF

Soul Society that is supposed to be a heaven is already like a hell (for low class people). I thought being strong is the only way to not have a shitty soul society life. But nope, you still sent to hell because you are too strong when you die. I guess that is karma for the for being a corrupt bureaucrats.

This is the unavoidable fate for Rukia and co. Life is so sucks in Bleach. The death concept is so stupid.
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No kenpachi aizen or orihime fanservice :josad:i give it a 1/10 only cus my boy mayuri also rukia and yoruichi fangirl still flat i see it ok we like small :goyea: