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Town leans:

Michelle: Well within her Town range. Tries to be active, one of the top posters and brings the discussion forward.
Ratchet: Tried looking at my wagon SoD, effectively shut it down. Voice of reason during the IC discussion. Basically did what I did as well, shutting down discussion which can harm Town because fake IC spec is horrendous at this point.
Lind: I discovered one of his Town traits, Town reading/leaning people who make him laugh. Has tried to analyze people‘s posts and his tone sounds honest and pure to me as well. Scum Lind is more buddy buddy, don‘t see this here.
Adam: Contributes and goes more against the grain. Don‘t see what scum would get from being so antagonistic. Would be better for scum Adam to just be a sheep, so I give him a Town lean (@Lord Melkor because you asked).
SK: Him not claiming is NAI, but in Elden Ring he actually gave in to pressure and did end up claiming as scum. His posts in general look Town to me and I don‘t see a reason to vote him so far.

No concrete scum leans yet, but Pero‘s Renji claim is iffy to me, so I‘ll vote there. Renji, by all means, was Anti Gotei 13 for most of the arc, so this could just be a scum role here.
I wouldn't be surprised if at least one scum tries to throw shade at central 46, funny that it's destroya who isn't looking too hot so far

I never tag ppl when I vote, u should be following the thread to see it or ur scum buddies tell u
I'm willing to buy Central 46 and Urahara has being part of the game; I'm not going after Al. However, you have to admit that those roles not being in Soul Society Arc is pingy. I don't think the flavor talk around those roles, especially Central 46, are without just cause.

Also, please tell me how I'm not looking too hot so far. Attaching that comment with my comment on Central 46 is just massive shade.

Urahara Shoten has opened its doors! If you are interested in visiting please quote this post!

dont remember if u answered me about who was bullying u

i didnt take u for someone who'd be willing to claim this easily. in weebs u stayed awhile without claiming and towned urself off well
I thought that's a joke. It's mafia game. If i felt bullied-bullied i'd just sub out. But if you're asking about pushers, from what i remember, at that time these would be Adam, Mango, Ultra, UB and Dest. Probably more, i don't remember.

5 hours and 16 minutes till day end.
So there's chance i won't be there on EoD. I guess i'll just unvote Kobe rn. With no miller CC i have no good reason to vote him anyway. This will make more sense in the future

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