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this is flowers town read and unwillingness to vote SK
Town leans:
SK: Him not claiming is NAI, but in Elden Ring he actually gave in to pressure and did end up claiming as scum. His posts in general look Town to me and I don‘t see a reason to vote him so far.

No concrete scum leans yet, but Pero‘s Renji claim is iffy to me, so I‘ll vote there. Renji, by all means, was Anti Gotei 13 for most of the arc, so this could just be a scum role here.
Have you considered that you‘re talking to SK, though?
Yet he claimed in Elden Ring as scum. And he didn‘t claim when we had this entire SK=Biden narrative in Weebs when he was Town. The guy is stubborn af. I once played like 5h of RPS against him because he refused to back down. You can be right and I can be wrong, too, but I want to be completely sure before voting out a player like him who‘s a great asset as Town.
Then this is the post that made her randomly change her mind on the matter all together. Looks like scared scum last minute changing.
...How do you reasonably expect to be assured? Propose any method that doesn't fall under scrutiny. Sorry Flower, no taking the easy way out, you either believe him or you don't. I for one am not going to give him special treatment and reward him for doing something he *shouldn't*. He practically outted me too, by the way, with 0 apparent benefit to that as well
I mean, I can see your point. But I can also see what he‘s doing come from a Town SK as well. You‘d also have to consider his behaviour is counter productive as scum. Since it‘s basically asking to get lynched and he opposes you of all people who is vocal and has a Mason backing him up. It just looks dumb for a scum to do. Maybe I‘m just biased here because so far scum SK always started wagons on me and he didn‘t do here, but I wasn‘t wrong about him in your game and he gives off similar vibes now.
Vote for Soulkiller

Vote Lynch SK.
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