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Please explain it to me then, so we can maintain 100% positive that Ratchet is scum and that there are no alternatives.

Mr. Apollo
Let me put it this way - if you're sure of your result that's reason enough for me to be unsure - as it shows an amount of confidence that's not due in a bastard game.

However l, I'll take this as a "yes", so we should get a claim from him, at least.
It was a precious ability of mine, one that cannot be replinished easily.

As it turns out, the man is indeed guilty.


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I think @Ultra is town despite this whole Soulkiller fiasco.

I doubt he would be so bold in faking mason claim as scum and push Soulkiller so much as it could easily expose him.

Though this is multiball, which complicates things.

Also leaning town on @MUUGEN, very impressive actviity and some good points. Though he seems to overextend a lot, pushing multiple people at once.

Still I see no reason to not believe Flower's claim. @Ekkologix you believe Psyche's flavour, but not Flower's?

@Reborn also likely town, I am not sure scum would just announce openly rolecrushing someone day 1.

Not liking TAC, seems like he has some TMI.
yes i believe her
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