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I will never forgive Oda
I will say thi: Mr. Ekkologix, who I assume you referred to as Mr. Usopp, has a silver of truth in his words.
I dislike that Mr. Usopp previously was disinclined to vote for SK but later decided to vote for him, the same sentiment shared by Miss Flower. Mr. Muugen pulled the receipts the other day, if I ISO his posts I'll link it for you, Mr. Apollo.
Why yall suddenly addressing each other with Mr. and such lol
We are not uncultured guttersnipes, Miss Broker. We are treating one another with the due respect they deserve.


The End and the Beginning
I'm thinking Apollo is scum who rolecopped you, the indie.

As disappointing as always. So in this context, you'd assume I'm what, a Serial Killer? A Serial Killer that lets their targets know they've been visited by them? How do you reason that one out?
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