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Both Ratchet and Apollo's claims check out, however the investigation result on ratchet does not match - this means Ratchet was most likely busdriven (Person A gets targeted instead of Person B), and whoever this person A is would be who Apollo saw
That's exactly what I said and help people to realize but you and TAC are voting me for it. Smh.


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do u remember sallu in breaking bad?

his invest fails on me, comes to the thread, says hi guys failed invest on ekko do with this what u want.. afks for rest of the day... i get mislycnehd cuz of it

more often than not when a player claims early in the day its town. a scum wud rather scout out the day first. id be surprised if apollo was one. maybe indie that needs u dead tho
I'm happy to wait on writeup checkers etc. I think you should analysing his actual behaviour.


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Already told you guys, me and Ekko's roles are linked. We can confirm each other, can't say more than that. That's how I know Apollo used "kido net" on Ekko last night.

Voting flower because she was super defensive day 1, already explain that in my day 1 posts as well.
does kido net sound townie lol

doesnt sound like a watcher
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