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Hmmm…I think Adam, Broker, Prof, Muugen are town this game.
I’m in her too 4 town read along with DOC?!

Ratchet, Michelle, Uktra, Dest, Flower might be scum
Michelle is a scumread but also says:
Also Mich’s flip would tell us alot about the people pushing on her.
hasn’t even question me or anyone else pushing her last cycle.
@Psylocke why
Talk me through this.
am I scum
And why are Muugen and Prof town?
Why are you judging my game behaviour by your own way of playing? Aren't we different beings?
Can you link me a scum game where you high posted like I did in this game?
both Michelle and flower and Michelle question the
Ratchet, Michelle, Uktra, Dest, Flower might be scum
town read a while ratchet questions the scumreads.

Town reads me but doesn’t go into detail why

Ultra, Ratchet, Dest, call it a gut feel but there’s just something off about them. Ratchet seems to be pushing but not really pushing, trying but not really trying.
Ultra seems too cozy and happy, never seen him so relaxed before, just odd. Reminds me of AM’s game where he was scum. As for Dest, idk, gut feel.

It was a mistake and not an escape route.
What are your reads besides me?
Later comes out with being okay with Kekko lynch. Rat questions
I’m ok with an Ekko lynch too.
Go on. This shouldn't be as difficult as you're makng it, Psychic.
Psys response
I just think it be funny. Ahaha.
Kiku hold on the wagon r a dimly after her strongest scum read is and was til that time fram Ultra.
Vote Lynch Ekko

Beks questions the vote
I burned Atium

You'll be asked to.explain this
Psy finally voted for good ole Kekko her mate who had a role linked to one another?!
can we start a wagon on pyslock or uwu??
Only response to Lm was itll
Who are you voting for? I may join an Ekko's vote.
LM jumps on the wagon haven’t seen his post prior but seems like it’s random at this point

Randomly swaps votes:
Change vote lynch Pero

I’ll iso once I get home from this point fuck mobile shot hard asf but for being linked they sure are distancing from another here


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@Ultra @Ratchet pace votes on ekko I’ll show evidently proof through psylocke how stupid the both of them look once I get home from this train ride I had like 5 post iso’d on mobile and then they randomly deleted.

but they’re scum ultra neighbor psylocke make HER claim Kekko already has a deep fake and it has to be full not just flavor
@Ultra im ok with this, u can neighbor psyloke
do not neightbor me
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