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See Kiki this is why I make sure to bring this up when I know you're participating in the thread, explicitly so this garbage excuse doesn't make any sense
I mean if you look you can see that I literally replied to your post very shortly after. Its not my fault you're a child who can't wait a minute or two
I mean no offense buddy but while I wouldn't mind voting Muugen, I'd kinda rather vote you

(In regards to the others you mentioned, I dont have anything against mango or lind right now, I'd have to look back at what reloaded has said before I form an opinion, and im half expecting flower to get modkilled or replaced sooner or later anyway)
Kiku hope you don’t take any offense to my post against you I actually like you, you’re funny and seem like a strong player. If you’re scum though it’s a shame.
I mean if you look you can see that I literally replied to your post very shortly after. Its not my fault you're a child who can't wait a minute or two
I can tell when you're pressured because you immediately result to these sarcastic animals. Fufufu you sure are feisty. There's a seat in hell for you next to SK, you shall be joining soon.
This is only our 2nd game together, but he's been desperate for me to give him the time of day. Its quite sad, really
feels like you’ve known the guy longer than em but tbh that’s just ultra if he senses anyone as threat in terms mafia prowess he has feel superior somehow.

I do actually like you as player though so far.


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what’s your case against me Kekko ?
my case is u r being too obtuse (possibly purposely)

there is minimal net gain for town at this point to u shedding this much doubt on 2 players vouching for each other at this stage before ensuring that u town read everyone else at least

like the priority here shud be to find town first then lynch scum outside the pool. u r focusing on 2 players who vouched for each other leaving 30+ slots untouched. are u confident all of those are town?

u arent giving the vouched players chance to self resolve

im okay with ultra neighboring psychic because its more effective that way. neighboring me does not help


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So you finally began to play the game?

divine timing aye.

what points of the puzzle do you and pay don’t you agree on ?

I mean it’s quoted facts not false narratives like you try to push.
what narrative am i pushing tho

did u read my posts to ratchet/apollo early today?
I mean, if I accept that the flips can lie to me, I can also accept that Ultra would lie to me. I dont know how "the game master can tell us things that aren't true" helps your case
If SK is scum it doesn't help my case? Are you smoking the devil's lettuce? I'm going to neighbor youz are you cool with full claim in?
Like yeah, SK could be scum. I also could be playing a game where every player but me is actually in one big Team Aizen Chat and the real point of the game is how long it takes me to figure that out. But alas, I cannot confirm this myself
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