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Argonauts, roll out!
they’re mates feel like one or the other might be CL given the distance then random town confirmations.
Kekko whispered to Psy then they are suddenly linked by roles lmfao

worse fumble than me outing chuck and I as scummates .
I would expect to have seen a conversion writeup despite being srm.

A possibility is that they r just straight teammates.

Unless CL is like a mini cult that can max be 3 players or smtn like that (no idea, pure tinfoil)
aye yay yay well you’re the least of my worries rn but I better see something from you.

Have you even read anything to what do you even know what’s going on?
I got a brief summary from TAC I believe around the start of the dp but other than that I have no damn cluez. Ussop is scum tho.



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I mean no offense buddy but while I wouldn't mind voting Muugen, I'd kinda rather vote you

(In regards to the others you mentioned, I dont have anything against mango or lind right now, I'd have to look back at what reloaded has said before I form an opinion, and im half expecting flower to get modkilled or replaced sooner or later anyway)
u dont have to apologize for voting a scum read...

why do u scum read me?

don’t care about the context since you didn’t answer myself or ultra when the option first came up to claiming to him in said chat.
no just staight up dont neighbor me. just dont lol. it wont help
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