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Eventful Night

The ??? Mafia attempted to kill ??? but failed
The Ryoka Mafia attempted to kill ??? but failed

@Rottkins / Jirobo Ikkanzaka has died​

@Charlie / Mayuri Kurotsushi has died​

Shatter Kyoka Suigetsu was activated
Mastered Kaido was used on ???
Bushogoma was used on ???
Ruri'iro Kujaku was used on ???
Golden Guard was used on ???
Deflecting Stance was activated
Practical was activated
Kaido was used on ???
Raise Your Head was used on ???
Senbonzakura was used on ???
Pierce was used on ???
Upbeat Charm was used on ???
Awaken Nake, Benihime was activated
Kido Net was used on ???
Ennetsu Jigoku was used on ???
Grow Hōzukimaru was used on ???
Go Zabimaru! was used on ???
Kido Barrier was used on ???, ??? and ???
Split Apart Hozukimaru was activated
Higa Zekko was used on ???
Acid Vial was used on ???
The Hōgyoku's energy has been detected on @Mr. Reloaded
Analysis was used on ???
Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens Hyorinmaru was activated
Tenso Jurin was used on ??? and ???
Services was used on ???
Gonryomaru was activated
Sound Advice was used on ???
Uzumushi Nishiki: Benihiko was used on ???
Lecture was used on ???
Cry Suzumushi was used on ???
Uplift was used on ???
Kido Expert was used on ???
Hanki was used on ???
Zanpakutou was used on ???
Kumon was used on ??? and ???
Body Block was used on ???
Dance Sode no Shirayuki was activated
San No Mai Sirafune was used on ???
Reiatsu Crush was used on ???
Shoot To Kill Shinso was used on ???
Sword Slash was used to kill ??? but it failed
Sword Slash was used to kill ??? but it failed
Sword Slash was used to kill ??? but it failed
Sword Slash was used to kill ??? but it failed

Last wish was activated

Day 3 has started
You have 48 hours to discuss

1- @Pot Goblin
2- @Dr_Professor83
3- @Michelle Marechiyo Omaeda/ Died Night 1
4- @Flower Replaced by @hime
5- @Lord Melkor
6- @Underworld Broker
7- @Apollo
8- @Charlie
9- @Dr. Watson Replaced by @Hayumi
10- @TheAncientCenturion
11- @Xlaw
13- @Kerkovian
14- @T-Pein™
15- @MonochromeYoru
16- @MangoSenpai
17- @Yo Tan Wa
18- @Peroroncino
19- @Kobe
20- @AL sama
21- @Rottkins
22- @Psylocke
23- @Sallucion
24- @~UwU~
25- @Lindltaylor
26- @Mr. Reloaded
27- @Reborn
28- @Adam 🍎
29- @Ratchet
30- @Mashiro Blue
31- @Kiku
32- @Ekkologix
33- @Ultra
34- @SoulKiller Nanao Ise/ Lynched Day 1
35- @Destroya
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The End and the Beginning
do u agree or not? ability can be used by other characters. could simply be aizen or ichigo with the same ability name. nothing for u to react like this seriously...
Ekko, look at the absolute dreck I have coming from Muugen. Then I have you. No doubt I'll get to look forward to Ultra and Kobe. Good Lord if you are all town, God give me strength.
I just said. UWU. He was my target Night 1. Why do I have to repeat things several times for you to comprehend that they've been said?
Did you quote me and say this no you didn’t not until now. I just got done explaining to you that your condescending tone is why I don’t care for you.

4 kills is quite damning given they’re all the same name as your one attack.

what other abilities have you used so far?
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