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Where did I say you were my only scum read? Or are you talking about last game and being the only one to scum read me? Which isn't really true either - both odd and Naomi did too, but my point was more to suggest I wouldn't do something like that is bad science.
ratchet pls move on lol

ur usually better at this than me


i have these names as potential scum. i think im liking melkor a bit better since yesterday. who u have scum here

we likely default to kiku if they arent killed by EoD tho wud love to start pressuring this list first

i have too many nulls and too less time to spend talking to muugen
If that’s his flavor I can’t see why he’d have whispers and he should have paylocke claim for him already since he said he wa sin with her doing it last cycle anyways


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It is between voting Mr. Kiku and Mr. Usopp today and I'm getting some assumptions about the latter wrong. I might shift to Mr. Kiku for a straight forward lynch, still considering my options.

AL sama

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if you iso him he kept saying fuck Chuck there isn’t anyone to save him and he further discussed this in discord chat.

I’m sure my senpai @Underworld Broker can confirm this and even Kiku tbh

he kept saying Al is scum threatened him with a killshot and that he’s been warned and said who cares about Charlie’s being poisoned. @AL sama dam confirm
yeah he was being like charlie can just die
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