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Why are u guys voting ekko? And why are the votes this close?
Aren’t you dead? Or am I reading the OP wrong.

Was up Mr. Kekko

Ya I am have someone as sus...

I rced last night because strawberry> Mango 🤭 so make it whatever you feel like from it

Mr.Pot goblin is hitting his scum meta - he is coasting hard. Don't care what Mr Rabbit says about being mason with pot but truth is Mr Goblin isn't playing his townie self.

Also, Miss psylock seems sus. Her meta is off and I isoed her and her posts literally diverge from her gameplay of town in valentine's game.

Notice how she didn't push any of her sus so far but only voted them.

Half of her other posts are talking about you (ekko) and nothing of substance despite being active.
You totally missed the part where ekko is my captain and we can vouch for each other’s roles.
Modkill 2
@MUUGEN / Kyoraku Shunsui has been modkilled

You are Kyoraku Shunsui!

“Flowers are disturbed, god of flowers weeps, winds of Heaven are disturbed, demon of Heaven laughs. Katen Kyōkotsu!”

[Passive - Laid Back] Shunsui's laid back nature leads him to avoid conflict if he can help it, he will always try to talk it out with an opponent and only uses force as a last resort. You have to make it through the cycle without being voted, if you are you will lose your vote power that cycle.

[Passive - Tsukiyubi ] A technique where the user simply extends the index and middle fingers of one hand in unison while they are in contact with an opponent. Sending them flying. The first player that targets you with a harmful action each cycle will have it sent back to them. With the exception of rolecrushes.

[Passive - Veteran Captain] Shunsui is one of the oldest members of the Gotei 13 and as such commands respect from underlings and peers alike, his vote power counts for 2.

[Active - Katen Kyokotsu] Shunsui's Shikai, a double edged one at that, that can be activated by typing out the command ''Sing Katen Kyokotsu'' in the PM. This ability allows him access to the following ones:

[Active - Bushogoma] Shunsui's blades join together, forming a spinning circle of wind that, upon contact with a target, envelopes the target with tornado-like intensity. The attack is not only dangerous, but can disorient an opponent trapped within it. Target a player and RPS them, if you win Jail them. If you lose Jail yourself.

[Active - Takaoni] Whoever is higher up wins is the gist of this technique. Target a player and if you have made more posts than them that phase vote block them the next one. If you didnt vote block yourself.

[Active - Kageoni] The rule of this game is that whoever gets their shadow stepped on "loses", whoever is targetted more that cycle will lose. If the loser is your target you will receive their targetting history for that cycle. If the loser is you Kageoni will be disabled the following cycle.

[Active - Irooni] Activate this then choose a target, then choose two colors and one you think your target will pick. A message will be sent to your target with your choices. If he choose the color you guessed the target will be rolecrushed for a phase. If he doesnt you will be rolecrushed instead.

[Active - Daruma-san ga Koronda] Shunsui and his opponent will be marked as being it, there will be a best of 3 RPS and the winner survives. The loser gets ultra killed through immunities. Usable Day 5 or later. ( 1 shot) Non refillable.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Gotei 13

Thanks for playing mate​


Certified Memelord
I'm not dissing you here, Ekko, I'm legit saying where can you lead us. I'm saying you've been arguing a ton and that's distracted town. Great, we got Adam, but he was scummy as fuck. Despite Kiku being outed, things seem to be moving slowly. So why is town so stuck?
they dont look stuck to me what the fk r these posts LOL

u wanna know why town *seems* stuck from a lazy point of view? its cuz 20+ players remaining afk saying nothing lol

you say adam was scummy asfk but i was leading for most of the day only end of day CFD we got him to be leading. actually what r u saying lmao
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