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Also, I am getting sus of tic tac.

Shoot pot when he didn't even scum read him while he didn't do shit to mango, me or lind when we were his primary sus.

Tic tac sussed me even last cycles so him shotting pot over me makes no sense.
I’m a little suspicious after his his ability usage but he’s still not immediate POE imo

@TheAncientCenturion when did you start sussing Pot & why him out of the options you were considering?

His actions are in WUs and verifiable tho which you were using to argue for yourself just a minute ago


I will never forgive Oda
10- Mr. TheAncientCenturion
18- Mr. Peroroncino
20- Mr. AL sama
27- Mr. Reborn
32- Mr. Ekkologix
33- Mr. Ultra

13- Mr. Kerkovian
29- Mr. Ratchet
7- Mr. Apollo

25- Mr. Lindltaylor
15- Mr. MonochromeYoru
26- Mr. Mr. Reloaded

2- Mr. Dr_Professor83
4- Mr. hime
5- Mr. Lord Melkor
11- Mr. Xlaw
14- Mr. T-Pein™
17- Mr. Yo Tan Wa
23- Mr. Sallucion

From Mr. Muugen
IC revealed at start of day
Can you quote it, i didn't find anything in opening day post
Usually when you’re town you start bringing up useful stuff ability wise, and I haven’t seen you doing that this game
I do that? I've been inactive anyway.
His claimed action usage with his flip checker makes no sense. Fwiw he gave Ratchet double action earlier.
Im assuming you questioned him on this.
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