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1- @Pot Goblin Kiyone Kotetsu / Died Day 4 -- FAKE
3- @Michelle Marechiyo Omaeda/ Died Night 1
6- @Underworld Broker Nemu Kurotsuchi/ Killed Day 2
8- @Charlie Mayuri Kurotsuchi/ Died Night 2
9- @Dr. Watson Replaced by @Hayumi Soi Fon / Modkilled Day 3
12- @MUUGEN Kyoraku Shunsui / Modkilled Day 3
16- @MangoSenpai Yumichika Ayasegawa / Killed Day 4
21- @Rottkins Jindabo Ikkanzaka/ Died Night 2 -- FAKE
22- @Psylocke Genshiro Okikiba/ Died Day 4 -- FAKE

24- @~UwU~ Yasutora Sado / Died Night 3
28- @Adam 🍎 Inoue Orihime/ Lynched Day 2
31- @Kiku Yoruichi Shihoin / Lynched Day 3

34- @SoulKiller Nanao Ise/ Lynched Day 1
35- @Destroya Chojiro Sasakibe / Killed Day 4
Why is the wording different for the kills?

Pot Goblin

Underworld Broker

Why is hardly anyone putting out a workable PoE? Are we just ready to concede or something? I sure am but I'm forced to have to keep playing this shit. Scum are doing a good job at hiding and half the inactive useless slots must be town but none of you are trying to help.
Eh I'm at work and having an appointment later so it'll really take me a bit to get my head in the game


The End and the Beginning
Scum merging after just 3 red mafia are dead with 0 purple dead is either complete horseshit design or purple are lower in number than 5. Generally they've only been allowed once both scum are about half strength.
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