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They're in the PoE, and instead of trying to help their team they're sat around like a gorm asking why Kobe is voting Lind. Who gives a flying fuck?
Why should we not give a fuck? I am leaning town on Lind but not like there cannot be a deep wolf in this state of game.

So yes, i considered Kobe's reasoning here relevant.


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Literally rewrote what Muugen said in dead chat and you accused me of being Muugen's puppet. So what is it, does he exist in deadchat or were you listing that as a convenient slam against my credability?
I called you Muugen's puppet because you are acting on the reads of a modkilled player, who shouldn't even be part of the game any longer even in dead chat. Can you give us a more diverse list of reads from the dead please ? Or is it just Muugen you're talking to ?

Yes. Because he's scum.

Again, answer me this.

What scum gives town an amp and a superkill? What scum gives the person who just shot them with a superkill a new superkill?

How does it work in scum's agenda to give town more weapons?
What reasons do you even have to call lind scum ? I'm telling you me and Sallu are vouching for him. You do realize if we are all scum that it might be half of the scum team revealing themselves ? Yet you are still adamant in your belief.

The fact you cannot answer your reasons to the Lind lynch makes me disbelieve you. Between you and him I'm sticking with the one I can confirm as town.


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Does merger make sense with only 3 scum dead? According to the census that may or may not be fake (scum was really eager to kill Charles who said he will get access to updated one), we should have 2 teams of 5 scums each.

Someone was saying scum has access to fake flips. I really expected people like Destroya or Mango to flip scum.
merger usually happens when both teams lose some members. i guess someone on aizen team died and flipped town is a possibility
Lol Broki had died :/


We already had census from 2 players, why is this being doubted? You think scums flipped some as town?

Good for us if true, even if not we still have to lynch the same most scummy. Game ends when we lynch enough,
As i and @Ratchet noted, scum numbers based on day 1 census do not make sense with the merge.

Also Charles said his census would reveal the "true state of the game" and scum tried to kill him more than once.

What are your people you would like to lynch today?


I will never forgive Oda
10- TheAncientCenturion
18- Peroroncino
20- AL sama
27- Reborn
32- Ekkologix
33- Ultra

13- Kerkovian
29- Ratchet
15- MonochromeYoru
26- Mr. Reloaded
11- Xlaw
14- T-Pein™

2- Dr_Professor83
4- hime

5- Lord Melkor
7- Apollo
25- Lindltaylor
17- Yo Tan Wa
23- Sallucion

30- Mashiro Blue

purple are locks


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I literally cannot be purple mafia because I used master Kaido to heal Charlie’s and purple mafia destroyed this action.

And I voted Adam
whose ur character? this could be for town cred

do u have the ability to survive superkills? i find it troubling u sused me for surviving a regular kill when u can do super kills
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