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whats charles census stuff? could team aizen only be 3 and not 5 to start with?
I remember someone mentioning that number 3 early in the game, maybe some convo uwu had with kobe or smth

Broki, I am beyond done with this awful game. I'm done with having to put up with shitty, lazy players who can't even try to play the game. I'm done with the host telling me my role is "broken" when it literally only works negatively against the town, actually scum-sided garbage. Literally every Bleach game I play is the most miserable, shitty trainwreck from the setup to the play and the sooner I get out of this bastard mess the better.
I wish I had ur role, whether it be gin or kenpachi, I'd have fun killing :D


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10- Mr. TheAncientCenturion
18- Mr. Peroroncino
20- Mr. AL sama
27- Mr. Reborn
32- Mr. Ekkologix
33- Mr. Ultra

13- Mr. Kerkovian
29- Mr. Ratchet
7- Mr. Apollo

25- Mr. Lindltaylor
15- Mr. MonochromeYoru
26- Mr. Mr. Reloaded

2- Mr. Dr_Professor83
4- Mr. hime
5- Mr. Lord Melkor
11- Mr. Xlaw
14- Mr. T-Pein™
17- Mr. Yo Tan Wa
23- Mr. Sallucion

From Mr. Muugen
me and muugen starting to agree. not sure if good or bad sign


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Rolecrush that doesn't do anything? You sure about that?
claim the other 1 shots pls. just be easy goaing reborn. no reason to hide stuff now. we need to prioritize finding the townies in POE. u rolecrushed 2 town players so it doesnt rly clear u at all

Also, I am getting sus of tic tac.

Shoot pot when he didn't even scum read him while he didn't do shit to mango, me or lind when we were his primary sus.

Tic tac sussed me even last cycles so him shotting pot over me makes no sense.
TAC had pot in his scum reads today

so many townies dead this phase wtf

also guess i was wrong abt ultra
anything else hime? did u do anything from last cycle to this one? ur role appeared in WU


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@Ekkologix Lind and Sallu 100% vouch for each other. If one is town they both should be. Apollo is included in that do.

@Sallucion Get the message sent please, no reason to hold it up longer.
i think lind is susceptible to being buddied that way - look weebs 2 years ago. if one of them is scum id lean sallu

idk why is TAC pushing for lind this hard tbh


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Talk about my attitude all you like but I've put in a lot today to get the town to work together so by all means if you think that comes from Scum then nothing I can do.
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