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The End and the Beginning
Who makes sense as Red from there (looking for two):

Any names that should or should not be here?


The End and the Beginning
Final Vote Count Day 2

Adam - 7
Ekkologix -
Mango - 5
UwU- 3
Kiku - 1
Apollo - 1​

Lord Melkor: MonochromeYoru -> Ratchet -> Kiku -> Ekkologix -> Kiku -> Adam -> Ekkologix -> Adam -> Mango
Ultra: Flower -> Ekkologix -> Kiku -> Ekkologix -> Reborn -> Flower -> Kiku -> Hime -> Ekko -> Hime -> Prof -> Lind -> Mango
Apollo: Ratchet-> UwU -> Mango -> Adam
TheAncientCenturion: Ratchet -> Unvote -> Psylocke -> Reborn -> Adam
Ratchet: Apollo -> MUUGEN -> Lord Melkor -> Unvote ->Adam -> UwU -> Adam
Psylocke: Ratchet -> Flower -> Kiku -> MUUGEN -> Kiku -> Adam -> Reloaded -> UwU
Ekkologix: Apollo -> Mr. Reloaded -> Kiku -> Kiku -> MUUGEN -> Reborn -> Ultra -> Lord Melkor -> Kiku-> Lord Melkor -> Adam -> UwU -> Mango -> Adam
MangoSenpai: Ratchet -> Unvote -> Apollo -> Psylocke -> Unvote -> Psylocke -> Ekkologix
MUUGEN: Ekkologix -> Ekkologix
Mr. Reloaded: Ekkologix -> Kiku -> UwU
Kerkovian: Ekkologix
Kiku: Ekkologix -> Prof -> Ekkologix
Dr_Professor83: Kiku -> Adam -> UwU -> Mango -> Adam
T-Pein: Kiku
Pot Goblin: Hime -> Ekko -> Hime -> Prof -> Mango
Kobe: Ultra -> Ekko
Yo Tan Wa: Apollo
Charlie: Adam
Lindltaylor: Adam -> UwU
Adam: Ekko -> Mango -> Ekko
MonochromeYoru-> Mango
Peroroncino: UwU-> Prof -> Mango -> Adam
UwU: Ekkologix

Votes may not reflect the true value.

1- @Pot Goblin
2- @Dr_Professor83
3- @Michelle Marechiyo Omaeda/ Died Night 1
4- @Flower Replaced by @hime
5- @Lord Melkor
6- @Underworld Broker
7- @Apollo
8- @Charlie
9- @Dr. Watson Replaced by @Hayumi
10- @TheAncientCenturion
11- @Xlaw
13- @Kerkovian
14- @T-Pein™
15- @MonochromeYoru
16- @MangoSenpai
17- @Yo Tan Wa
18- @Peroroncino
19- @Kobe
20- @AL sama
21- @Rottkins
22- @Psylocke
23- @Sallucion
24- @~UwU~
25- @Lindltaylor
26- @Mr. Reloaded
27- @Reborn
28- @Adam 🍎
29- @Ratchet
30- @Mashiro Blue
31- @Kiku
32- @Ekkologix
33- @Ultra
34- @SoulKiller Nanao Ise/ Lynched Day 1
35- @Destroya
This being the final VC.


There's no "Tina!"
Who makes sense as Red from there (looking for two):

Any names that should or should not be here?
- hime
- Kerk
- Reborn (didn't vote)
- Pein (voted Kiku, but I don't think Kiku was in danger of being cfd'd there)

Out of these 4, would go with hime and kerk.


The End and the Beginning
Melkor - Votes off-wagon. Potentially not red on the basis of this.

TAC - Votes Adam. To be Red, this would have to be a Bus when it's not really needed. TAC did hold a scum read of Ekko though, so his decision to vote against Ekko could be interesting.

Reloaded- Votes off-wagon.

Kerko - Votes Adam's counter-wagon. Plausible teammate.

Prof - Votes Adam, probably not Red.

T-Pein - Votes off wagon. Is actually voting Red, but in isolation nothing strong enough to suggest it couldn't be distancing. Will need to examine the timing of the vote.

Yo Tan Wa - Votes off wagon, likely not around to vote anyway.

Monochrome - Votes off wagon.

Pero - Votes Adam, probably not Red.

Adam, Kiku and UwU all voted for Ekko.

Hime/Xlaw/Reborn don't vote at all.


From this, of the PoE slots the most plausible to be Adam's mate is Kerko, otherwise the remaining scum will have to have voted against him or off wagon or not at all. Given that we are looking for two we can probably assume one is in the voters that were not here - for the simple fact that voting off wagon offers no real benefit in multi ball and Adam/Kiku had the best thread presence of the team.



Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
@Reborn did u claim yet? i didnt get a chance to read the full day
My alert is filled with your notifications. Lol

Have some chill lol

I already claimed - I am Byakuya

Also, I did iso few players and here is the thing

Yo tan - lean town. He has been upfront about things from the beginning and has shown some good posts here and there.

Pero - saying it since he claimed - town as I am his Captain

Lind - was reading him as scum but after some quick iso I don't think he is. He was reading sK vs ultra as town vs town and even said to vote Reloaded - a noob and inactive. A very bizare choice and I don't think scum lind will pull this.

Xlaw - has been quite honest with his posts. Very limited post so Null

Yoru - town lean..

People I am not liking it

Pein - totally afk. Iso on him and there is nothing going around him. Scum lean

Prof - he is not game solving as he used to and is capable of. Also, I don't think his reads are genuine. Have to iso him but don't have time.

Tic tac - ya not liking him how he shot pot (not reading him scum) over me (reading me as scum from last cycle)

Home - nothing going so no clue.

Kerk / reloaded - could swing either way


The End and the Beginning
I'm struggling to understand why a downgrade prevents me from being rolecopped though, and by virtue it should prevent Apollo from receiving anything from me. In other words, @Underworld Broker this should be evidence that I'm not Gin.
The reason it works as evidence is, if you believe Monochrome to be Town -

1 - I claimed the downgrade was on me before Mono did
2 - This proves I was hit with the downgrade
3 - This also proves I couldn't have been rolecopped, which would have negated Apollo's ability
4 - A frame then is the only explanation for Apollo receiving anything
Need to get back to work for a bit, we have 2
@Lord Melkor when did u upgrade pero and why? shudnt upgrading our vigs be better? wud make ratchet's kills work on scum

@MonochromeYoru why did visit ratchet with the downgrade? also what did u visit me with?
@Ekkologix i have said in the thread already i did not use any upgrade on Pero, it was misunderstanding. I claimed few pages ago, one of my most recent posts.
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