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@Dr_Professor83 - likely scum.
4- @Flower Replaced by @hime - i was reading Flowa town so town lean for now.
5- @Lord Melkor- scum lean maybe
7- @Apollo - scum lean. Lind and him are hard clearing each other.
10- @TheAncientCenturion - claims Unohana. She didn't play much part in the Soul Society arc could see it being fake claim. But poison heal is something she'd have. Didn't like him gamewise either earlier phases.
11- @Xlaw - don't remember anything from him.
13- @Kerkovian- Same
14- @T-Pein™ - hmm gut says scum
15- @MonochromeYoru - Broki is vouching for him and i liked his reactn to her reading him town. But his vote on me feels bad to me.
Ik my flavour claim is bad but i expect players to read how I've handled it to decide my allignment not just blindly vote me on flavour.
17- @Yo Tan Wa - Town
18- @Peroroncino - Renji , i feel good about Reborn and i believe Renji to be in the game. He was jumpy on me but i don't expect much from him eithrr. Maybe he's just town.
19- @Kobe Game Removed Day 4 - Confirmed town apparently
20- @AL sama - stopped night actions last night? Townie ability.
23- @Sallucion - i don't feel townie about him.
25- @Lindltaylor - he's been helpful and were one of my first town reads. But i feel unsettled about the fact he's clearing Sallu and Yoru both that were jumpy to vote me.
26- @Mr. Reloaded - no idea. Did he claim i don't see him in PoE
27- @Reborn - his flavour claim is good, very less likely to be fake.
29- @Ratchet - I'm not liking him though Kenpachi also is an townie i see playing.
30- @Mashiro Blue - Indie apparently, but 7 scums are priority rn
32- @Ekkologix - didn't like his game much but Psylocke was vouching for him and she flipped town.
33- @Ultra - town

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