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AL sama

Red Haired
I was just about to use this

[Active - Emergency Council] You may decided to decree an emergency night council, this allows night chat and voting. Usable only after a member of the soul society is lynched. Cannot be used in conjunction with curfew. ( 1 shot)
Posted profs fake writeup by accident, Prof was their strongest role. So I feel its better to call it here .

Plus I had learned that one of my cousins passed way last night so not in the correct headspace to continue despite basically outing prof to everyone.
Sorry to hear this Fuji. My condolences. Take a break from the forum and spend some time irl to be there for yourself and your family.


The End and the Beginning
Maybe. But Ultra & Xlaw were dying tonight.

We had an extra super kill. Could redirect Ekko’s kill. Ratchet was probably not shooting one of us and even if he did it fails. Then we had our faction kill.

Then Reborn is always lynch next day and we had a day super kill & ultra kill and another poison lol.
For what it was worth I was contemplating shooting you but I wanted you lynched because I figured it would fail.

I dunno I really think Fuji messed up with this setup. Probably the worst SRM I've seen from him, I'd like him to explain at some point what the hell he was thinking with my role, like I can only accept so much as coincidence.
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