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this is straight up bastard @Ratchet

lets just move on honestly

so soul and dest were both scum. we were doing good job tbh

i had a super and an omega kill coming to clean up prof and reborn as need be, and also like i said hime is scum.

my role mentions that i can only be harmed by ichigo, aizen, and kenpachi. thats y i had my doubts about u possibly being serial, but figured u r not mafia. bankai abilities can harm me too regardless of the user
Anyway @SoulKiller @Destroya @Apollo @Lord Melkor @Flower @hime @T-Pein™ @Adam 🍎 @~UwU~

Was fun being a team with you guys lmao. I really enjoyed most of you, others didn’t get to chat as much since y’all were stolen by Tac lol.

@Fujishiro thanks for the game lol. Don’t feel bad about the ending, mistakes happen.

Now I’m going on a very long break lol
@Lindltaylor Prof and me actually became team mates and we were literally Ichigo and Aizen kek.
What fake flip? It's right there in his role. I genuinely don't know what you expected, your setup published me for misfiring on one player and shooting scum 4 out of 5 times. How does that make any sense? I genuinely don't know how much better I could have been. What were you expecting from this role?

Anyway, it's not really important now. My condolences for your family. It's a shame the game ended this way as it always is
Read TACs fake flip again.

And thanks, and also idk why you said ''it always is'' my OP game ended fine, my Pokemon game ended fine,etc.


? TAC was town, your superkill failed on Kiku cause she protected herself. Night 1 you were downgraded by town Mono. Night 2 you were jailed by town Muugen.

I kept telling you this man, your kills never landed no scum tanked your shit except Kiku who protected herself.
Town Towning lmao
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