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also the only person that can redirect or mess with me is ichigo aizen or kenpachi so thought hime's busdrove us and it worked on me wud make her ichigo or aizen

so basically we lynched scum every day for 4 days and most of our shots were on scum

and all of this while playing with no correct info from flips mind u

AL sama

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You are Central 46!
[Passive - Central 46] You are the central 46, the governing body of the soul society. At the begining of the Ryoka invasion you will be revealed to the thread.

[Passive - Highest Authority] You are the highest authority in the soul society. You cannot be killed for as long as more then half the gotei 13 members are alive.

[Active - Curfew] You may decide to impose a curfew for a night, stopping all actions. Usable only after a member of the soul society dies. Exceptions may apply to this. ( 1 shot)

[Active - Emergency Council] You may decided to decree an emergency night council, this allows night chat and voting. Usable only after a member of the soul society is lynched. Cannot be used in conjunction with curfew. ( 1 shot)

[Active - Execution] Day 5 or later you may select 5 players and put them up for execution, these will be the only ones that can be lynched that day. If you mislynch however you will lose your highest authority passive forever. ( 1 shot)

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Gotei 13
@Ekkologix here you go clown


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It is fooking hilarious that towns worst players now cry that the game was rigged against them
How am I one of towns worst players this game? I was right on Melkor, Prof, you, Soul. I think day r was the only wagon I was on that wasn't on scum. I've talked about my shots. Like what more can I do lol?


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well ekko shot the confirmed mason with a delayed kill either way.

kid is so horrendously stupid it hurts that he was given such a PR
lol stfu

i am not u

i had to pick between prof and reborn and i said i wanna lynch in them today. one of them scum here. if reborn stopped trolling for 2 seconds prof wud be lynched today


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No can someone please give me am explanation here? I can accept criticism. Just not when as far as I can see I was almost fully accurate and punished because the setup prevents my role from working in a sensible way.

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𝓦𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓪 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻 ✰

You are Kisuke Urahara!

"That wasn't very nice. I do believe you've killed my hat."
[Passive - Eccentric Man] Urahara Kisuke is a very eccentric man, most people do not understand him. Included himself. Alignment cops on him will return an innocent result. And role cops will fail on him.

[Passive - Shop Owner] You walk around and see this mysterious shop, you enter it and a jovial man holding a fan greets you, what is this shop? Who is this man? Its the Urahara Shop! Any player that quotes this will automatically enter your shop. You will then have a meet up with them ( please create a sock puppet account for this) and discuss business. Luckily for them you offer a very wide array of services. Also you become immune to anyone who visits your shop that cycle.

[Passive - Kidō Creation] Urahara has mastered the art of creating new Kido spells given the right amount of time. Each cycle he may create a new ability under host supervision.

[Active - Services] After accepting a deal here is a list of services that you can currently offer ( may increase with the Kido creation ability):
- Jail a target for a phase
- Bus drive two people
- Investigate a player
- Roleblock a player

[Active - Administrator] Urahara may use this ability to unlock his zanpakuto's abilities starting Night 1.
---Override--- Urahara may active this ability to allow him to create 2 abilities. Usable day 2 or layer.

[Active - Benihime] Uraharas Shikai that can be accessed by typing the release command '' Awaken'' followed by the ability's name, this gives him access to the following:

[Active - Nake, Benihime] This technique fires particularly strong and destructive crimson-colored energy blasts. Activating this ability will destroy the first destructive ability targetting you. Lasts a phase. (3 shot)

[Active -Tsuppane, Benihime] This technique forms a hexagon-shaped crimson barrier in front of the blade for defensive purposes. Target Rukia and protect her for a phase. Cannot be used in succession. (2 shot)

[Active - Nake, Benihime] By simply drawing a circle of energy with the edge of Benihime and timing it right, this technique can cancel out the enemy's attack at the point of contact. Once a game target Rukia and make her immune to all actions for a cycle. However by doing so you will not be able to access Nake benihime nor are you able to create abilities or fulfill a contract that night. (1 shot) non refillable.

Wincon: Fulfill 5 contracts cannot be from the same alignment, also keep Rukia alive until day 5.
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