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You should have used all that shit Kuchiki Byakuya.
I was too op..

Scums can't kill me and can't Lynch me. I can even poison unlimited times but after rc them back to back and also had one ultra kills unlocked just today to use tonight (@Dr_Professor83 you were next)

@Ekkologix now you believe I was Byakuya or do I still need to show you my role to convince you:milaugh:

Anyway, good game scums. Good game town :cheers:

And, thank you for the game fooj
So the flips were reversed or something. Do you think that's fun Fuji? Like what is this?
Ill show you the full setup and youll judge.

Scum had a 1 shot fake flip, and would town flip their own. TAC had a deadchat, autopsy ability to verify the flip+ 2 town censuses to counter this. Also this game had many ways for town to confirm and vouch for each other.

Als role too could out a fake flip if he tried to use his ability as they only trigger when town dies.
Would you have shot me, Melkor, Apollo, Hime, or Pein before others in POE after that Tac flip lol?

Plus we could redirect you. Were gonna send you to a Townie tonight then lynch Reborn tomorrow
It don't make a difference but after Tac i was thinking about you or Pein for the lynch once i believed Lind.

I won't comment on Hime, can't believe I still fell for Flowa emotional appeal despite everything I've seen in past.
Knew Apolo was scum but so many kept hard vouching for him and i hadn't read the game 🤦
oh lynch immune

wait how wud we lose. does mafia have the numbers?

uwu kiku adam dest soul were dead

mafia had like 5 alive. was that enough to win night 4? how much voting power do they have?
We had 5 members, and the means to kill like 10 Town over the course of the next two cycles by using you and Ratchet as bonus kills lol


There's no "Tina!"
Yep, sorry for decieving you.
Not at all. It was great playing with you for the first time, Apollo haha.

Yeah I really was Rangiku
Ahh always and forever haha. I'm glad I trusted you from the start lmao.

Congrats on your job, studies and new family member on the way. Wish you all the happiness from my side Sallu!

@Lindltaylor Prof and me actually became team mates and we were literally Ichigo and Aizen kek.
Yeah, I need to ask @Fujishiro for my Ultra Instinct Goku role lmao.


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so yes uwu died to my ability

as for reborn, it seems aizne/ichigo redirected me to ultra

i have a super/omega that i was gna fire next day on reborn > prof. i know atleast one of them one scum so i'll sweep there first thing next day. actually wanted to lynch one of them today
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