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@Ratchet let me reiterate, scum didnt touch you once, town did and you developped immunities to most things in this game in like 2 cycles. Afterwards you tried to superkill kiku who protected herself, and then tried to kill TAC who was town and I had setup as surviving 1 kill in the game because his role was crucial to town.

Thats it.

You failed 1 kill on town who actively protected themselves and then another on a town power role.

Idk why you think you role sucks and is worthless,etc because from here on scum could do nothing but watch you kill whoever you want and they just have to take it. And if they attempt to kill you your kills become stronger and stronger until they become Omegas.
lol @TheAncientCenturion why did u scum read me when u can survive kills urself lmao
@Ultra run that shit back as either alignment and I would never claimed to a neighborchat in an SRM game. Brain dead wagon tbh. I literally had a fake role ready and I could of easily feed you BS information. But claiming especially in a neighborchat that I seen be scum countless of times in every single SRM game I played so far, you would of never got a claim out of me. Especially with that attitude you showed in the chat. 'Claim or you die from the get go.'

There was no 'Oh he is preparing a fake claim." we all had fake claims ready before the game even started lol. I just simply don't claim in such circumstances. You can call it old school stubborness.

It's matter of principles, you will never get a claim out of me in such circumstances no matter the alignment. Even more so as townie. You say let's run it back without role madness BS. I say you would of gotten rekt if that was the case lol.

With that being said, you played a good game and your brain dead wagon you lead lucked out. You actually got a scum this time instead of mislynching/killing townies like how you usually do lol.

You are Zaraki Kenpachi!​

"Death and pain are just a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!"

[Passive - Eyepatch Power Seal] Zaraki wears this eyepatch he requested the Shinigame research and development insitute to create. In addition to reducing his depth perception and range of vision, it also seals the bulk of his power . He wears this because he loves fighting so much that he cannot fight most opponents at full strength and enjoy it, as he would defeat them too quickly, Kenpachi starts the game with no immunities and will suffer the brunt of any harmful or disruptive actions the first time they hit him, but then however he will adapt to them and become immune to them. With the exception of rolecrushes and game removal. When it comes to kills he will instead increase the effectiveness of his Sword Slash ability each time he is ''killed''. Some exceptions to this death immunity may apply.

[Passive - Reiatsu Bells] In order to further give the enemy an advantage, Zaraki wears bells on each spike of his hair. These bells can only be heard by enemies he is approaching. Thus any player you target will know you targetted them.

[Active - Immeasurable Spiritual Pressure] Kenpachi's spiritual power is monstruous indeed, even dwarfing his peers. His power is such that when exercising a fraction of it he can prevent anyone from even moving or coming near him. You may activate this ability to protect yourself against rolecrushes for a phase. ( 2 shot).

[Active - Sword Slash] Kenpachi doesnt possess a shikai or bankai, he doesnt even know the name of his zanpakutou. He never felt the need to train these abilities for fighting opponents as his freak strength does the job just as well. At night target a player with a kill.

[Active - Ryodan] Ryodan is a technique which Zaraki uses when he is gripping his sword with two hands. It allows one to split an opponent down the middle, day 3 or later target a player with a superkill. However you will not be able to use Immeasurable Spiritual Pressure that cycle.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Gotei 13

i think my omega kill was redirectable for some reason and it kills me as well. could u control me every single phase? even if i sent it first thing in the day? im a skilled spawn camper lol
You got your Omega N5. I’m sure if you used it it was going to Reborn no? Otherwise we send you to a Townie with any of your others.

I’m a spawn camper too lol.
Ekko, TAC had the ability to check the flips. TAC had a deadchat to counteract the one shot fake lip because then the guy that was fake flipped can literally just say hey Im town and claim his role in dead chat for TAC. Town had 2 censuses to counteract the flips, town had Al who could literally only activate his abilities in town was lynched or died that cycle. Another one that can out something as fake.

What do you mean by '' straight up bastard?'', same to you @Ratchet
I was actually busy last 2 hours before this EOD, how did town agree to lynch the medium, Lol.


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You played my Pokemon game, ended with no bullshit, you played my One Piece game, ended with no bullshit.

all of my games are close and end up with not a side feeling they have been cheated.

You guys played badly this game action wise and also threadwise, a lot of T V T has been going on. Only thing Ill commend town here for is that they somehow managed to lynch scum back to back 3 days in a row.

@Ultra is honestly this games MVP.
we killed dest and uwu no? those r town kills too
Not really. Our reads were on point.

By day 2, our reads had 5-6 scum (I think?) in it. It was just hard to go through the PoE because some townies were legit just afk or were hard to read.
You can have reads good as much as you want but you guys argued amongst yourselves so much you ended up shooting god knows how many townies.

I legit said on n2 end that there is no way town looses and yet you guys fumbled hard


I am, yes. You even said you could understand the frustration so I dunno why you think otherwise now.
We understood your frustration because town was cucking you

not that scum was super immune to anything you could do

and now that you have the information that town were cucking you, not scum, you should realize it wasn't scum sided
I am, yes. You even said you could understand the frustration so I dunno why you think otherwise now.
I understand your frustration but dont agree that the role sucks, in fact its meant to be a slow starter that gets stronger over time. Which it did. This cycle nobody could do much of anything to stop you from killing. Its a shame you shot Mango and TAC but those are at the end of the day your choices, not the setups fault.


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ohhh from what i saw flower didnt get much punishment - no idont think it is acceptable and i was the only giving flower shit for doing it previous you think i just did it on a whim no youre just fucking horrendous at your job and ekko and kobe along with you this game just made it so fucking unbearable to even play to begin with and i knew onii couldnt even find a sub.
So why do it then? You've played for years - posting your role is just pathetic. It's not acceptable, deflecting back to me here isn't helping either. Own it, apologise, and then we moved on.
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