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it means 2 mafia not killing or harming each other. i usually despise it cuz the numbers in multiball r often time made such that mafia kill each other. if they both unite to kill town, 1 less factional kill dont matter. in fact mafia didnt get except 1 kill with factional kills this game lol
Not really, team purple message Kiku day 3 and they knew most of each other so they werent hitting each other anyways.


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you speaking against rat is what made me town lock you then the claim came and it was confirmed.

i genuinelly disliked the fact that rat kept telling me specifically all i had was my flavor and abilities and it doesnt make me town then used his flavor and abilities all game to verify himself.
Tbh, I didn't like ratchet attitude this game. I was almost on verge to lose my temper but somehow controlled it out of old time sake.

His behaviour turned my mood off to play or do anything.

Well I did read you town and it sucked you got yourself mod killed but I guess you did what you deemed fit.

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Tbh, I didn't like ratchet attitude this game. I was almost on verge to lose my temper but somehow controlled it out of old time sake.

His behaviour turned my mood off to play or do anything.

Well I did read you town and it sucked you got yourself mod killed but I guess you did what you deemed fit.
ratchet played the best in the game from subjective standpint. anyone who calls himself townie shud be lucky hes putting half as much effort into moving the game forward
All you fucks thinking about retirement better come back in June!

I'm hosting the WG mafia players game.
@Dr_Professor83 @MUUGEN @SoulKiller @Sallucion @Mashiro Blue etc. etc.

It's my game and it's hosted again after 2 years. So please, do try and come.

and someone else tag all the other runaways.
Sure thing, do tag me when the game is close to start. I do enjoy player themes mafia game. I better be in it and have the strongest serial killer role tho.


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It wasnt the usual affair, in my other games I say the following '' The game may have some bastard elements'' in this one I straight up said '' This game will have bastard elements, you have been warned''.

TAC could verify fake flips as I said, he used it on Adam of all people. If Al tried to use his night lynch ability after SK was death millered it wouldve failed and it wouldve outed SK immediately as non town. Two censuses were put in the game to help town figure things out. TAC had access to his dead chat so anyone who was fake flipped ( it was a one shot btw) would just speak about it in the dead chat and its gg. Town had a night chat so the process is even faster cause then TAC can just inform you guys during the night,etc,etc.

I wish to clear up how the fake flips work.

@Dr_Professor83 role would flip any of his mates as town for as long as he is alive, so thats 4 people he could do that to. If he dies they revert back to their mafia selves. Then they had a 1 shot ability to fake flip one target.

Thats it.

I wouldnt say its too much to be honest, and it fits the flavor. And it had plenty of counters to it I feel like.

Ill post the full setup shortly and you be the judge ok ^^
I have a hard line on this really Fuji, like I said it's mostly on me for not setting my expectations accordingly. I can't say I couldn't figure things out because I was literally tearing my hair out in co fusion at how hard the game was to solve from the PoE and the obvious answer there is that there is some level of misdirection, which I even caught onto with Soul's flip but it wasn't enough. I don't enjoy it but that's my preference, I fully admit I don't have the right to complain about bastard elements here.

There were also townies flipping as scum so that makes it really hard to solve, and it's just not something I enjoy in games. Again, that's fully on me.
Red Team, this is a message from Prof. It’s time we put our differences aside and work together.

I have no interest in playing for anything but a merge. Adam can vouch for my trustworthiness having been my teammate in Weebs.

Fortunately for both of us if seems you’ve just come into possession of a wish. Once the numbers are down we will be able to unite with it, but as far as I’m concerned we’ll already a single team split into two chats and need to be working like one starts now.

Our team is me, Apollo, A-pollo, Melkor, Dest, and SK (may he rest in peace).

My teammates are nervous about sharing everything with you so openly for fear of betrayal and this has taken some convincing (I guess I never learned my lesson from Weebs lol).

I believe a merge is the best, if not only way for scum to win the game. We’re taking a leap of good faith and Adam being in your team is all I need to have confidence we can trust you with a fellow Jobber on the other end of this message lol.

Since I can send messages to you but you have no way of reaching me back to my knowledge I will insert a code. For your 3 remaining hidden members each can post one of these three emotes in your first post of the day so we can identify you and work together. Ichigo should use the gun emote so we know who to draw pressure away from.


Once I have identified your team, we can start coordinating and I can start informing you of our actions prior to the night phase so we may divide and conquer town.

Below is a full list of our actions tonight so you may plan around them. If we are targeting any of your team, have Kiku spell it out in code in night chat by posting a gif and then spelling out the person's name with the first letter of each subsequent message.
Aizen Actions :
Hime/Flower : Redirect to Pot
Pero: Redirect to Ultra
Mango: Redirect to Ekko
Psychic : Redirect to Xlaw
Reborn : Redirect to Ekko
Ratchet : Redirect him to Ultra
Role Crush Ekko
Faction Kill Ekko with Prof
Momo Actions :

A-pollo watches Charles (which will land on Kiku)
Heal YTW (we are searching for Hitsugaya and need to send random abilities looking for him)
Rolecop TAC
Menos Grande Actions:
Busdrive Charlies with Kiku (gotta keep Charles from getting healed and Kiku safe through night, two in one lol)
Roleblock Mono
If Al stops the night, we will obviously not being doing these things lol.
We really want Ratchet dead. If you can kill him, get him off the board. Hit him with everything you have if you think it will work. He needs to gone SOON. If you don't think you can...

Kill Muugen tonight. Target him with everything you have and make sure he DIES lol. (Same goes for anyone you kill going forward, secured kills are key). We are making it so that whenever Muugen flips he will flip Purple Mafia.
- If Muugen is somehow one of you be sure to get Kiku to let us know so we don’t waste this one shot fake flip lol.

Dead Muugen is better than Ratchet surviving the kill.

Do not kill within this POE until further notice: Hayumi, Xlaw, Kerk, YTW, Sallu, Reloaded - we are looking for Hitsugaya and need him alive for A-pollo. He should be in the listed group. As we whittle through the group we will send you the updated POE to avoid until we find him.

For thread play, our two most important roles are Me(Prof) & A-pollo so would advise against pushing sus that way/bussing into us we need Aizen & Momo alive. Likewise we'll try to keep Ichigo alive once we find which of you is him.

Once Kiku is dead, and you lose your write up fixer, things will get tricky for a while but we can try help you keep the illusion of your fakes. If you claim abilities names when you claim, we can start faking WUs with your abilities in them from our side.

PS: Kiku, forgive me for my tunnel I didn’t even know you were Mafia lmao :sweat:

And to the rest of you:
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