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This is kind of the issue I have with these players coming out saying I was terrible I think. I don't believe anyone put more into day 4 in terms of getting the PoE to play, it led to mostly accurate reads too - I just wasn't able to quite put all the pieces into place. It's just super dishonest to point to being forced to claim Day 2 (and correctly catching scum off of that, at least initially) and say that means I was awful.
You played well enough.


The End and the Beginning
Not questioning his efforts but attitude.
I can understand that but I don't think it was unearned to be honest. Like you, and others, were so apathetic and lazy when if you just gave *something* it would help a lot. I had a town read on you most of the game so it's not like you can say I was being a hardass on you, but when I'm putting this much in and half of you can't even be bothered to talk about slots around you yes it's pretty annoying.
Mafia roles
Mafias @Ratchet

Flower-Kurosaki Ichigo
T-Pein- Uryu Ishida
Adam- Inoue Orihime
~UwU~- Yasutora Sado
Kiku- Yoruichi Shihoin

You are Kurosaki Ichigo!

"It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win!"
[Passive - Main Character] Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of his story, as such he will always come out on top. When targetting a player with any ability barring a killing one an failing you will learn from your mistake and succeed the next time you target them. Your vote also counts for 2.

[Passive - Immense Spiritual Pressure] Ichigo Kurosaki's spiritual pressure is extreme high even amongst most of the bleach captains, as such he cannot be hurt by normal means except by Yamamoto, Aizen, Zaraki Kenpachi. and bankai abilities.

[Passive - Heroic Nature] Ichigo has a heart of gold and will do everything it takes to protect his friends. He will stop the first kill aimed at his team each 2 cycles. Doesnt work on Sado.

[Passive - Now you feel like number one] Ichigo doesnt forgive those that hurt his friends, when performing the faction kill on someone that killed one of his friends. That kill will bypass all defenses. Exceptions may apply.

[Passive - Protective Charm] A gift from his father, this will protect Ichigo against the first investigative attempt on him. Making it fail.

[Active - Advanced Growth rate] Ichigo as the main character benefits from a higher growth rate then most, he may active this ability to enhance one his abilities for a phase. Host will decide what the enhancement does. Doesnt work on faction kills or killing abilities. ( 3 shot)

[Active - Shikai: Zangetsu] Ichigo's shikai that he can release with no command, granting him the following abilities:

-Roleblock a player for a phase ( Only usable during the day)
-Rolecrush a player for a phase ( Only usable during the day)
- Vote drain a player for a phase
-At night cut down a target's ability usage in half
- Auto win an RPS round.

[Active - Getsuga Tenshou] Target a player and RPS them, if they win block their next ability. If you target them again and win, kill them.

[Active - Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu] The bankai of Ichigo which he can access by writing out the command ''Bankai'' followed by the name of the ability. Activating this ability enhances his Getsuga Tenshou into a superkill that always finds its mark, however his team cannot faction kill that night.

[Active - Hollow Mask] When push comes to shove, Ichigo's inner hollow comes out to help him. If Ichigo lost 2 of his teammates he may activate this ability to permanently upgrade all of his abilities. Including the faction kill. This ability cannot be destroyed.

[Active- Full Hollow] ???

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Ryoka Mafia.

You are Uryu Ishida!

"The right to choose life or death lies with the victor. And the victor of this battle is me."

[Passive - Last Quincy] As the last remaining Quincy, Ishida carries a heavy burden but also the solemn duty of carrying his clans legacy. This extreme resolve renders him immune to roleblocks and redirects.

[Passive - Solitary] Uryu's personality is that of a loner, he has a hard time meshing with others. Therefore he will refuse help of any kind. He cannot be targetted by helpful abilities.

[Passive - Reishi Manipulator] Uryu is able to manipulate reishi at will, his reishi creation abilities cannot be destroyed nor can this passive.

[Active - Anhäufer ] Ishida absorbs the reishi surrounding him and then releases it, giving him new strength. He can target a player and blind them, making them fire at random.

[Active - Sprenger] Ishida may form a pentagon shaped seal and place it under a player, the ensuing explosion causes the target to lose 1 x shot from one of their abilities as well as weakening their role for a phase. Meaning any ability they have gets nerfed by 1 stage. Exceptions may apply.

[Active - Ransotengai] Uryu may control the reishi particles inside a body to manipulate it. Target a player and control their role for a phase. Essentialy redirecting them towards a target of your choice. You will receive their role once the phase ends.

[Active - Path Control] Uryu may fire his arrows and control the angle and direction they go, he may fire them to pursue a given player. Target a player and learn who they visit that phase.

[Active - Attack Negation] Target a player and prevent them from firing destructive abilities towards Uryu.

[Active - Letz Stil] Uryu may remove his glove to gain access to this devastating skill, this ability increases his attack power tremendously but leaves him vulnerable after use, target a player and RPS them if you win Ultra kill them and you are rendered vanilla for a cycle.( 1 shot)

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Ryoka Mafia.

You are Inoue Orihime!

"I reject"
[Passive - Caring] Inoue's caring nature lends her to do whatever it takes to help those in need, if someone needs healing Inoue's ability is improved and she will also refill one of their x shots.

[Passive -Spiritual Awareness ] Inoue is able to sense ongoing battles from a significant distance, especially those happening near her barriers. Her barriers cannot be redirected and she will learn of the first person that comes in contact with a person she protects, for example if a person she is protecting visits player A and another player visits player A she will learn of their name. This will not tell her if anybody targets the person she is protecting though.

[Passive -Great Memory] Orihime posseses an amazing memory, she is able to recall the tiniest thing. She will regenerate any lost ability or passive a phase later.

[Passive - Innocent Girl] Orihime's innocent looks makes people unlikely to mistrust her. She will scan innocent to investigations.

[Active - Shun Shun Rikka] Orihime's spirit energy is harbored in the pair of six-petal flower-shaped hairpins that her brother gave her. Shun Shun Rikka is composed of six spirits that reside within the hairpins, each of which does something specific. Activating this ability will give her access to the following abilities:

[Active - Santen Kesshun] Orihime's defensive technique. It repels attacks by placing a shield between the enemy and target. Protect a player for a phase.

[Active - Soten Kisshun] Orihime's "healing" technique. It surrounds something to return it to its former, complete state. Heal a target.

[Active - Koten Zanshun] Orihime's offensive technique. It rejects the fusion of matter and splits it, target a player and redirect them towards themselves. ( 2 shot)

[Active - Shiten Koshun] One of Orihime's techniques. It combines Shun Shun Rikka's offensive and defensive properties. Create a shield and protect 2 people with it, bouncing back all abilities towards their users. Exceptions may apply.( 1 shot)

[Active - Last Wish] Locked.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Ryoka Mafia.

You are Yasutora Sado!

“The thing that we call power is dynamic, it keeps on changing.”

[Passive - Tough] Sado is a very muscular and tough man, his build allows him to not get crushed by the fights ahead and to carry on. He is immune to rolecrushes.

[Passive - Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant ] Sado is well versed in the art of unarmed combat, he is able to dodge and weave into fights. He will evade the first harmful action targetting him. Doesnt work on roleblocks.

[Passive - Enhanced durability] Sado is capable of taking a hit, he will survive the first kill directed at him in the game but will lose this passive afterwards.

[Passive - Musician] Sado is a great musician, he is especially good with the guitar. He will charm the first person targetting him each cycle and make their vote count for 0 against him.

[Active - El Directo] The end of the extension on Sado's shoulder opens up and charges up spiritual energy, resembling the flaming exhaust from a car engine. He releases a huge blast of spiritual energy. Target a player and rolecrush them for a phase.

[Active - Brazo Derecha De Gigante] Sado hurls his gigantic arm into the air and slams it into the ground, roleblocking the 5 lowest poster in the game for a phase. ( 2 shot)
--- Right Arm of the Devil---
Target a player and roleblock them for a phase.

[Active - Chad Catapult] A technique used by Sado to launch an ally into the air, allowing them to bypass roleblocks for a phase. ( 2 shot)

[Active - Grua Tirar] Sado targets a player and RPS them, if they lose you will rolecrush them through immunities for a cycle. If they lose they will be roleblocked for a cycle instead. Usable Day 3 or later. Exceptions may apply. (1 shot)

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Ryoka Mafia.

You are Shihoin Yoruichi

“You’ve gotten stronger since the last time we were together, Soifon.”
[Passive - Feline Transformation] Being able to transform into a cat, Yoruichi is able to walk undetected into otherwise highly guarded locations. She is immune to watcher/tracker abilities.

[Passive - Flash Godess] Yoruichi holds the title "Flash Goddess" , because she has mastered this ability to the point where she can appear to be in several places at once, thus she is allowed to use one of her actions twice each cycle. Doesnt work on Hanki.
[Passive - Femme Fatale] Yoruichi is a beautiful as she is dangerous, the first male character that targets her each cycle will gain a refill to one of their abilities but then will have that ability disabled the next cycle.

[Passive - Knowledgeable] Yoruichi holds deep knowledge of the soul society, each cycle she will receive information of what one its notable members did that cycle.

[Active - Tentōken ] This wand like object allows it user to hover around in mid air, target a player with this and have them dodge the first 4 votes on them. Cannot be used in Lylo. Usable Day 3 or later. ( 1 shot) Non refillable.

[Active - Anti-Hierro Armor ] This armor is exceptionally durable, protecting the wearer's limbs even during the moment of their destruction. Target a player and gift them this. Rendering them super bullet proof. If you target one of your teammates with this however they will be unable to use destructive abilities for the duration of the effect. ( 1 shot)

[Active - Raioken ] Yoruichi fires off a flurry of high speed attacks onto a target, destroying one of their active abilities.
---Kido Expert--- Yoruichi may activate this to refill an ability, however she is unable to use Raioken that cycle.

[Active - Master Strategist] Yoruichi is a master strategist, she is the one that came up with the plan of invasion of the Soul Society. She is also the one who has her team's back in case they get into trouble. She can fake 1 action writeup per phase.

[Active - Hanki] Yoruichi may target a player each cycle and making them return innocent to investigations. Cannot self target.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the Ryoka Mafia.

Fake claims :

Hanataro Yamada
Tetsuzaemon Iba
Shuhei Isagi
Dr_Professor83- Aizen
Lord Melkor- Gin Ichimaru
Soulkiller- Kaname Tousen
Apollo- Momo Hinamori
Destroya- Menos Grande

You are Aizen!​

"A victor must speak not of the current state of the world, but of how it should rightfully be."

[Passive - Kyoka Suigetsu] The Zanpakuto of captain Aizen, capable of inducing perfect hypnosis upon anyone that witnesses its release. When the game starts a writeup will inform the players that Kyoka Suigetsu has been activated. Any player who quotes the writeup or talks about it will have their abilities redirected at random, with the exception of kills for a cycle. Some exceptions may apply. This process will repeat each start of the day.

[Passive - Perfect Hypnosis] Aizen is able to manipulate all 5 senses of his opponents, he is able to make them see things they may as well believe are real. For as long as he is alive, any of his teammates that die will have their roles masqueraded as town roles from one of the fake claims his team received. They will revert to their original selves after he dies.

[Passive - Immense Spiritual Pressure] Aizen was born into this world possessing a tremendous amount of reiatsu, thus not many people are able to actually leave lasting damage on him, he is immune to everyone's actions if they aren't bankai abilities, exceptions are Ichigo, Yamamoto and Zaraki Kenpachi. Does not stop roleblocks.
--- Finger Stop --- Aizen may negate the first super-kill and above targetting him every 3 phases.

[Passive - Did you really think this would work?] Aizen enjoys humoring his opponents futile attempts at attacking him only to his them with this iconic line, he is immune to redirects and rolecrushes.

[Passive - All according to Keikaku] Aizen is known for always being 5 steps ahead of everyone, each start of cycle he will learn of the first batch of actions abilities and whom they are targetting. If one of them is targetting him or his team he may stop it, cannot stop bankai abilities, Yamamoto, Ichigo or Zaraki Kenpachi.

[Active - Shatter Kyoka Suigetsu] Aizen may use this ability to activate his Shikai and write the following ''Shatter Kyoka Suigetsu'' to have access to the following abilities:
-Target a player and forge their role to your liking, altering their flavor and abilities. They will show as that new role after death.( 1 shot)
- At night target 5 players and redirect them into players of your choosing, also allows you to manufacture what kind of feedback they will receive if any.( 2 shot) Cannot be used in succession. Killshots will not be redirected.
- Target a player and redirect them towards another.
- Send a message to a player of your choice.( 3 shot)
- Redirect one players vote towards another wagon.( 1 shot)
- Commute yourself for a cycle.(1 shot)
- Send manufactured feedback to a player ( 4 shot)
- Fake 3 action writeup every phase.
- Post a message in the thread through the host.(5 shot)

[Active - Reiatsu Crush ] Aizen may direct his spiritual pressure towards his opponent and crush them under its weight. Target a player and rolecrush them for a phase. If you target the same player again the following cycle they will be rolecrushed through immunities for a phase.

[Active - It takes a lot for me not to crush an Ant] Aizen is so strong that he must always be careful not to accidentally kill the people he toys with, yet even when doing so he still soundly defeats his enemies. Target a player with a kill , if they are lower than Captain class you will instead mark them, the faction kill on them the following cycle will be upgraded to a super kill. Cannot be done in conjunction with the faction kill.

[Active - Hado 90, Kurohitsugi] Also named Black Coffin, is a hado used to imprison one's opponent. Target a player and seal them, removing them from the game for as long as your are alive. Usable Day 4 or later. (1 shot)

[Active - Hogyoku] Locked.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the traitors mafia.

You are Gin Ichimaru!

" I'm a snake. Cold of flesh and devoid of heart. My tongue flicks back and forth, ever in search of new prey, and if I like what I find, I swallow 'em whole.''

[Passive - Unsettling Appearance] Gin's appearance, with his constant smile and slanted eyes, can be very unsettling for people and not many people trust him. He will reject any neighbor chat automatically as well as any help of any kind but he will learn the name of the player who targetted him with those.

[Passive - Manipulative] Gin is a master of manipulation, he knows what to say to get his opponent to move the way he wants. If Gin is targetted by an ability he will learn of its effect and then control the next use of it, excludes killing abilities.

[Passive - Deceitful] Nobody knows what goes on behind that smile, Gin knows how to deceive friend or foes they will never know when or with what he will hit them. He scans innocent to investigations. He is also immune to roleblocks.

[Passive - Genius Intellect] Gin's intelligence is one trait that is often overlooked about him, he knows all that there is to know about the game. When the game starts he will receive a census of all current factions within the game.

[Active - Shoot To Kill Shinso] Gin's Shikai ability, to release it he must type in the chat '' Shoot To Kill Shinso'' granting him access to the following abilities:

- Target a player and destroy their active abilities for a phase
- Target a player and disable their defenses for a phase

- Target 3 players and roleblock them for a phase ( cannot be done at night)
- Target a write up and destroy it, doesnt work on death writeups

You may only use 2 of these each cycle.

[Active - Bankai : Korose, Kamishini No Yari] Gin swiftly attacks an opponent with great speed, puncturing them with a cell destroying poison. Activate your bankai by typing ''Bankai'' then target a player and poison them. Killing them the next cycle if not healed.

[Active - Buto] By adopting a stance where he firmly grips Kamishini no Yari with both hands and places the Zanpakutō's hilt squarely on the center of his chest, Gin is able to utilize the tremendous extension and contraction properties of his Bankai to an even more terrifying extent than its normal state. This will allow him to skip the waiting process of his poison and instantly kill the target, however cannot be used if Shoot to Kill Shinso was used that cycle.(1 shot) Day 3 or later.

[Active - Buto: Renjin] Following the same concept as Buto but taking it even further, this is Buto but done multiple times instantly, leaving little time for the opponent to react. Superkill your target. This attack will always find its target and cannot be actively protected against. Exceptions may apply.(1 shot) Usable Night 3 or later.

[Active - ???] Locked.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the traitors mafia

You are Kaname Tousen!

“Those who do not fear the sword they wield, have no right to wield a sword at all.”

[Passive - Blind] Kaname Tousen is blind and is thus unable to do certain things. He cannot do the faction kill for his team. Unless he is the last man standing.

[Passive - Heightened Sense of hearing] Kaname's blindness means he has to rely on his sense of hearing, he developped it such that he can hear a leaf falling onto the ground. He will learn of the first player visiting his team each cycle. He also cannot be tracked or watched.

[Passive - Follower] Kaname Tousen is a loyal follower of Aizen and he can never betray him, votes against his own team count for 0.

[Passive - Unyielding Sense of justice] Tousen will have his actions made unstopable against anyone that has killed that cycle.

[Active - Former Journal Editor] While Tousen was still part of the Gotei 13 he was the editor in chief of the Seireitei communication, with this knowledge about editing he is able to choose a writeup and review it, editing one part of it. Cannot edit kills or night writeups. Under host supervision. ( 3 shot)

[Active - Cry Suzumushi] Projects a high-pitched tone over a wide area, overloading the hearing of anyone in range and knocking them unconscious. Target a player and jail them for a phase.

[Active - Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihiko] A technique which changes Suzumushi into its Benihikō form. Suzumushi vibrates momentarily and, after Tōsen moves the blade around him in a semi-circle, a trail appears, following the sword's path. Target a player and learn who they visit that phase.

[Active - Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi] This is the bankai of Tousen, to activate it you must type ''Bankai'' followed by the name of this ability. Tousen creates a gigantic black dome that kills the sound and light inside of it, rendering movement and communication useless. Activate this to thread silence the remaining players for a day phase, leaving them only able to vote. The phase will also be shortened greatly. Usable Day 3 or later.(1 shot) Non refillable.

[Active - No Light] Locked.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the traitors mafia.

You are Hinamori Momo!

'' Shiro-chan....''
[Passive - Friendly] Momo's friendly nature leads most people to lower their guards around her, she will scan innocent to investigations and her actions will always find their target.

[Passive - Admiration] Momo greatly admires captain Aizen and will do anything to please him, actions from her targetting Aizen cannot be blocked.

[Passive - Childhood Friends] Momo and Captain Hitsugaya grew up together, if one of them targets the other a permanent chat will be created between the two. Afterwards they cannot harm each other for the remainder of the game.

[Passive - Kaido Practitioner] As a practitioner of the healing art of Kaido, momo's healing ability as well as this passive cannot be rolecrushed.

[Active - Kaido] Momo can heal wounds with her Kaido art, she may target a player and heal them.

[Active - Kido Net] Momo may target a player and deploy a Kido net, she will learn of the first person that visits them that night.

[Active - Upbeat Charm] Momo is quite the charming and upbeat girl, she may talk to anyone and they will reveal their most prized secrets to her. She may target a player at night and learn their full role.

[Active - Snap Tobiume] Momo's shikai ability, she has to write down the word '' Snap'' and then the name of the ability, allowing her to unlock a locked ability if applicable. ( 2 shot)

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the traitors mafia.

You are The Menos Grande!

[Passive - Beast Like Intellect] You are a creature of instinct, you only obey orders. You cannot vote on wagons that do not have atleast 2 of your teammates in them.

[Passive - Numerous] The Menos Grande arent just one entity, more like an army of hollow foot soldiers at the beck and call of Aizen. Lose one and two take its place. As long as Aizen is alive you cannot die by any means except for lynches. This passive also cannot be destroyed.

[Passive - Lost Leader] In the event of Aizens death the Menos Grande will lose its Numerous passive but will instead gain this one, having lost their leader the Menos Grande will go berserk and each night will randomly attack a player thats not in their team with a super kill. This will replace the faction kill.

[Passive - Devour] Each cycle the Menos Grande will eat a body of his team's choice and gain one of their abilities as a one shot. Will destroy the previously devoured ability.

[Active - Kumon] Menos create spacial rifts to travel between worlds, they may use this ability to bus drive themselves with another player. However they can only target Aizen once every 3 cycles.

[Active - Negacion] The Menos brind down pillars of light envelopping their friends. Activating this protects your team against all actions for a phase but will render them unable to perform any destructive ability. ( 1 shot) Non refillable.
---Body Block--- Target a player and roleblock them.

[Active - Stockpile] Menos may gather strength for a while before performing his attack, you may siphon 1 vote thats not in the main wagon each day for a total of 4. Activating this ability at any given time will add the votes on an enemy player. Cannot work in Lylo. (1 shot)

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to the traitors mafia.

Roles will be updated later.

Fake claims:

Nanao Ise
Ikkaku Madarame
Chojiro Sasakibe
Izuru Kira
^ I stayed up until 4 am and was in a voice chat with Soul for 6 hours convincing him to let me do it Lmao
LMAO, looking back at it. It was funny, tbh I would of never done it. Outing my entire team to another scum team and show them your entire hand and be completely vulenrable was something my brain simply could not process. But the mad lad made me came around it and say fuck it. Yolo this shit xD
Indie role
Independant: @Ratchet

You are Kisuke Urahara!

"That wasn't very nice. I do believe you've killed my hat."
[Passive - Eccentric Man] Urahara Kisuke is a very eccentric man, most people do not understand him. Included himself. Alignment cops on him will return an innocent result. And role cops will fail on him.

[Passive - Shop Owner] You walk around and see this mysterious shop, you enter it and a jovial man holding a fan greets you, what is this shop? Who is this man? Its the Urahara Shop! Any player that quotes this will automatically enter your shop. You will then have a meet up with them ( please create a sock puppet account for this) and discuss business. Luckily for them you offer a very wide array of services. Also you become immune to anyone who visits your shop that cycle.

[Passive - Kidō Creation] Urahara has mastered the art of creating new Kido spells given the right amount of time. Each cycle he may create a new ability under host supervision.

[Active - Services] After accepting a deal here is a list of services that you can currently offer ( may increase with the Kido creation ability):
- Jail a target for a phase
- Bus drive two people
- Investigate a player
- Roleblock a player

[Active - Administrator] Urahara may use this ability to unlock his zanpakuto's abilities starting Night 1.
---Override--- Urahara may active this ability to allow him to create 2 abilities. Usable day 2 or layer.

[Active - Benihime] Locked.

Wincon: Fulfill 5 contracts cannot be from the same alignment, also keep Rukia alive until day 5.
LMAO, looking back at it. It was funny, tbh I would of never done it. Outing my entire team to another scum team and show them your entire hand and be completely vulenrable was something my brain simply could not process. But the mad lad made me came around it and say fuck it. Yolo this shit xD
The power of love & Kawaii friendship Soul. Embrace it.

I had a lot of fun that night lmao
This is kind of the issue I have with these players coming out saying I was terrible I think. I don't believe anyone put more into day 4 in terms of getting the PoE to play, it led to mostly accurate reads too - I just wasn't able to quite put all the pieces into place. It's just super dishonest to point to being forced to claim Day 2 (and correctly catching scum off of that, at least initially) and say that means I was awful.
you were being a dick whish ruined the flow of the game and made it hard to cooperate or even actually read you as town to begin with.

then you kept making threats towards town which is why i jailed you.

you and ekko still never even gave any proper reasoning for your scum read/push against me.
I have a hard line on this really Fuji, like I said it's mostly on me for not setting my expectations accordingly. I can't say I couldn't figure things out because I was literally tearing my hair out in co fusion at how hard the game was to solve from the PoE and the obvious answer there is that there is some level of misdirection, which I even caught onto with Soul's flip but it wasn't enough. I don't enjoy it but that's my preference, I fully admit I don't have the right to complain about bastard elements here.

There were also townies flipping as scum so that makes it really hard to solve, and it's just not something I enjoy in games. Again, that's fully on me.
No town flipped as scum except TAC Ratchy. None.

Please read the full setup I just posted it.

The abilities to counter the death miller stuff were not used properly.


Certified Memelord
This is kind of the issue I have with these players coming out saying I was terrible I think. I don't believe anyone put more into day 4 in terms of getting the PoE to play, it led to mostly accurate reads too - I just wasn't able to quite put all the pieces into place. It's just super dishonest to point to being forced to claim Day 2 (and correctly catching scum off of that, at least initially) and say that means I was awful.
i think at that point nothing more u could do. the players in PoE needed to start carrying themselves out of it. u had a PoE of like 8 players, 4 of them scum. and the problem is if we got the flips on dest and soul correctly solving for purple wud be far easier too so that part was misleading / denied info. and the player who got lynched last day decided to check adam instead of soul when charlie was saying he suspects soul's role is not real.

i also dont think apollo was going to go very far considering not a single role flipped with the passive he accused u off. i think his claim was very brave and commendable tho and banked on no townie checking the [???] to reveal that u were not busdriven.

i personally think prof was going to flip in the next cycle (cycle 5) and then the fake flips get revealed and town solves game from there. maybe im being too optimistic tho
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