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You turned on me this last day bc you said I was trying to confuse Town today lmao xD (which I was πŸͺ¦)
i had you and lind as scum read on d1 or early d2 but this dp cemented it that you were clearly trying to confuse town and using ultra as bait to continue with the tac lynch.

and you used my prodigy sally to make you and apollo look good.

do you feel good about yourself using an innocent sallucion? ahha
how did yall rolecop me but fail on ratchet, i was immune on everything not aizen or ichigo or zaraki
I answered you this before fam, role cops dont hurt you so they work on you. You are only immune to things that hurt you.

Ratchet role cops failed cause monochrome used his ability to make him immune to them, then the other role cop which was Uryus works a a redirect that then gives the rolecop results after but since @Ratchet was immune to redirects the ability straight up failed.


The End and the Beginning
Tbh, ratchet, trust me when I say this - if it wasn't for me having good terms with you in the past - I wouldn't have tolerated the attitude and insults you were repeatedly throwing around.

You and these new players have absolutely no idea that how much aggressive I can get when I lose my shit. And, I was almost on verge to lose it because your attitude was that bad this game.
I stand by what I said. I don't really think I threw insults around, at least that were not strictly pertaining to mafia. I had to stop myself a few times.
Not open for further replies.